Cheap Cremations In Australia

Cheap Cremations In Australia

There is sometimes a great deal of uncertainty regarding how much money to budget for when arranging for the expense of cheap cremation. Furthermore, because each funeral home has its unique pricing system, predicting the average funeral cost in your area can be difficult. This post discusses the estimated price of a funeral and the price disparity between cremation and burial. It will also offer some low-cost funeral choices to help with estate planning.

How much does a funeral in Australia cost?

In Sydney, the price of a funeral can vary considerably based on whether it is for cremation or burial, the sort of service required, how it is tailored, and the venue. Conventional funerals, for instance, may include additional costs such as cuisine at a wake, flowers, print ads, a celebrant’s fee, and funeral director’s service fees, which can quickly mount up. On the other hand, an unsupervised cheap cremation typically costs hundreds of dollars less.

What is the typical cost of cremation versus burial?

Because of the land requirements and other burial charges, the average cost of a burial is significantly more than that of cremation.

In Australia, the typical cost of a burial is $19,000. There are extra funeral director’s fees if the burial incorporates a last committal ceremony at the gravesite following a church or chapel service. A headstone alone costs $3,500 on average, so the cost of a funeral can soon pile up.

On the other hand, a typical cremation in Australia costs roughly $7,400 on average. On the other hand, a cremation can cost thousands of dollars more based on the ceremony’s customisation and coffin selection.

How much does a direct cremation cost on average?

The most economical funeral option is a straight cremation (a non-attended cremation without the need for an official funeral service). In Australia, the typical cost of a direct cremation is $4,000. Since there is typically no need for a chapel, celebrant, flowers, or other embellishments to the funeral service, prices stay lower than for a standard cheap cremation or burial service. Families will frequently organise their own celebration of life after the direct cremation has occurred to commemorate their loved ones.

Traditional funerals are not only costly but also out of date. While familial and religious traditions remain important to some, Australians are shifting away from tradition and toward low-cost funeral solutions. Rather than formal funeral ceremonies, we are arranging more bespoke goodbyes that commemorate our dear ones in manners that reflect a life well lived.


During the coronavirus pandemic, funeral restrictions pushed many families and friends to reevaluate their options for saying goodbye to someone they care about. As a result, many Australians recognise that they are not required to spend $15,000 to $19,000 on a traditional funeral ceremony. They may go into debt to pay it off if it is not what they or their family desire. For years, cheap cremation arrangements in Australia have been limited, but the business is evolving.


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