The Path Of Selecting The Perfect Solution To Your Home Floor: Timber Flooring, Chatswood

The Path Of Selecting The Perfect Solution To Your Home Floor: Timber Flooring, Chatswood

One of the oldest materials used in construction, timber is a natural material, especially for building homes and furniture. Furniture and homes built with timber last centuries and that’s why people increasingly prefer timber flooring in Chatswood, Australia for their homes.

The benefits of using wood in flooring

  • Durability- Timber lasts for centuries
  • Safety- Since it is derived directly from nature and no hazardous chemicals are used in the manufacturing process; it is completely safe. Also, it does not accumulate dust, pollen, and dirt, unlike other flooring types and thus is safe for people who are allergic to dust and pollen.
  • Easy maintenance- Timber floors can be easily maintained by just simple cleaning and requires no additional tools to maintain.
  • Environment-friendly- It is the most environmentally friendly material for floors as it is directly made from timber, which is a creation of nature.
  • Comfort to feet – The low thermal conductivity and moisture absorbing property of timber floors make sure we feel colder during summers and warmer during winters.

The process of selecting the right timber

  • 1. Identify your needs

What type of flooring?

First, it is necessary that you identify what type of flooring you need. There are different types of timber flooring:

Hardwood timber flooring

It is the most popular type of flooring made with high-density wood. It is relatively expensive.

Engineered timber flooring

It is made by pressing a combination of different types of wood. It is comparatively affordable and looks similar to hardwood.

Reclaimed timber flooring

It is made from used lumber that is obtained from old houses and barns.

Bamboo timber flooring

It is increasingly becoming popular and provides a great look to the floor.

Unfinished or finished?

While some prefer the finishing of the floor after installing in the site, while some prefer installing a pre-finished floor. Either way, the floor is finished with a protective coat and ensures that it lasts for long periods without losing the sheen.

  • Method of installation

The timber flooring in Chatswood, Australia, can be installed either by nailing or gluing or by combining both the methods. Irrespective of the method of installation, it is necessary to ensure that the floor is fixed properly to the subfloor and is covered with a coat acting as a moisture barrier.

  • Type of plant species

Some may wonder why selecting the wood from the right plant species matters. Each type of wood has a different hardness level and dimensional stability, which in turn affect the stability and durability of the floor. Also, plants growing under certain climatic conditions are found to have characteristics that are unique to the climatic conditions, resulting in wood that possesses similar features.

  • Pricing

Though timber floorings are relatively inexpensive; the costs vary based on the type of wood used and the complexity of the manufacturing process and also the method of installation. Generally, hardwoods cost higher than the other wood types. 

  • Colour

Colour of the timber matters as the colour imparts a psychological effect on us. The general ranges of colours available in timber are earthy and thus make us feel pleasant and calm.


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