What Are The Used Cases Of Mono Stringer Staircases

What Are The Used Cases Of Mono Stringer Staircases

This might be the very first time when you are planning to go for mono stringer staircases and have no clue what it actually stands for. Reading till the end of the article will help you understand the notion and what makes it so important among the masses.

A mono-stringer staircase uses a single beam centric stringer, which helps in supporting the centre of treads from below level. Because of this structural feature, these stringers are known to have a hold on modern designs for stairs.

It is known for its minimalistic approach, which will present enough open space. You will enjoy a beautiful flow of light, and also, it might feel that the stairs are simply floating. All modern households are focusing on these types of staircases now!

The importance of stringer in stairs:

The stair stringer is a structural part installed on either side or in the centre of the flight of stairs to which the treads and risers are attached. The main function of the stringer is to offer load-bearing support and the ultimate framework for supporting the treads and risers. Looking for the best mono-stringer staircases is your ultimate option if you are trying to construct a modern building for your stay.

Not just widely seen in the residential sections, but right now, the mono stringer option is highly crucial for commercial places too. With everyone looking towards that sleek structure, it is really important that you get the best mono-stringer option available in the market these days.

How do they work?

The mono-stringer staircases are perfect choices for those places with open-plan living and also with the main artistic goal to be minimalistic with the choices.

  • Such staircases consist of a single steel beam, which is located right beneath the stair threads.
  • These are favoured for their simple and modern designs, which will free up the void for furniture and foot traffic below.
  • But you should not be fooled by its unassuming design. These stairs are strong to provide safer access to all the upper levels and can bear loads of around 3200kgs.
  • So, there won’t be any bouncing sensation or even movement whenever you are trying to walk up the stairs. Even when you are carrying a lot of loads, these staircases can hold the weight well.

The mono-stringer staircases are known to be pretty heavy-duty and great for the open plan homes, which are in need of minimal wire or glass handrails. So many companies are working on such staircase styles and structures, and you will surely come across one that matches your design and price value well.

Focusing on the best firm:

As you are about to spend quite some money on the mono-stringer staircases, you want these options to last the longest. For that, you have to check in with the companies and then move on with the best firm in town. Be sure to complete your research before finalising any stair firm.


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