When all you have got for your kitchen is a few square metres, small kitchen renewals will optimize room usage and make your kitchen appear spacious. Here are some essential points to explore as you intend to carry out a kitchen renovation in north shore for your small kitchen.


The biggest thing to do is leave the kitchen floor as if you want to hold the costs down. It is best to retain it whether your kitchen is L-shaped, wall-shaped, or a corridor/galley-style. Moving the plumbing or other electrical redirection would most probably mean shifting the footprint. Finally, yet importantly, the appliances that still can supply your current electrical system would not be justified. Instead, work for a better plan for your kitchen equipment and services.


That said, keep ergonomics as relevant as optimizing space when upgrading your kitchen layout. Whatever small kitchen renovation ideas you think of, build them on the kitchen triangle: or the arrangement as triangles for the oven/oven, sink, and fridge. You are blessed with a small kitchen as this triangle is incorporated. This triangle means better workflow since you can switch seamlessly between them.

Without disrupting the triangle, one suggestion is to replace your sink with a smaller but deeper one. Make sure the stove/burning stove and sink are one meter away. You can get it a little off the triangle if you are not baking much if your oven is separate from the range. Although the fridge in the triangle is of the least importance, ensure the door opens. Check the latest mix of thinner and larger slim refrigerator models tailored for smaller kitchens if you purchase a new one for your remodel.

Flooring and Countertops

Use optical illusions in your tiny kitchen with large floor tiles to achieve a roomy effect. Wide tiles make space look more significant because there are fewer grout lines. You may minimize costs with ceramic or laminate tiles on countertops. The laminate designs now available look better than they look cheap. The longevity and the water tolerance of floors and countertops are significant factors other than the cost.


In small kitchens, the smaller your workspace becomes, the more cabinets you add. Creative storage solutions solve storage issues without extra cabinets. Attach some hooks, rods, and hang pans and kitchen utensils to a bare wall. You may also remove cabinets and position open racks. Otherwise, have the shelves hit the ceiling by using space to gather dust?


Replace paint with lighter colours for the final touch of your kitchen renovation in Sutherland Shire. Painting colours like white or light yellow immediately makes your kitchen feel spacious and airy. To revive, add some artwork or vibrant dishes and small appliances to brighter colours. If your budget allows, set the colour burst in a vivid mosaic backsplash.

Whatever plans and ideas you have for your kitchen’s small renovation, North Shore Kitchen designers are experts to inspire and prepare your design.



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