Get The Assured Compliance With Brushwood Pool Fencing

Get The Assured Compliance With Brushwood Pool Fencing

NSW has implemented strict Brushwood Pool Fencing Requirements to protect youngsters near swimming pools. Having a brush fence around your property is an excellent idea since it is Pool Compliant. Pool owners are required by law to maintain a “non-climbable zone” surrounding their pools to prevent youngsters from climbing over the fence and into the pool area. From the top of the pool fence, an arc is drawn to the ground, and this is the area to be measured. A 30cm extension of the pool area is also included.

  • Provides security:

If you want to add visual interest to your pool, you can’t beat a natural backdrop like a tree stump or a natural stone wall. As a result of this, Brushwood Pool Fencing also acts as a wind barrier. Pool barriers and gates should be at least 4 feet tall and cover the whole perimeter of a swimming pool, according to the Australian Consumer Product Safety Commission’s requirements. With a privacy fence or other barrier on the other side, a home might serve as one ‘side’ of the pool barrier.

  • Ensures privacy:

To provide extra privacy, noise reduction, or wind protection, it is recommended that you install a Brushwood Pool Fencing around your swimming pool perimeter. A pool surrounded by a paling or metal fence loses a great deal of its appeal and aesthetic attractiveness as a result of the natural background it provides. The result of this is that it also serves as a wind barrier. Privacy and security may also be gained from brushwood’s natural qualities. These fences have a lifetime of 25-40 years, making them exceptionally long-lasting. They may not be as long-lasting as concrete or brick, but they outlast other types of fences, such as organic, steel, or timber.

  • Safety for children:

All swimming pools are now required to have a childproof fence as well as a security gate. Swimming pool walls in your area are likely to be controlled by municipal regulations, so be sure to check with your local government for further information. It is possible for us to quickly modify our Brushwood Pool Fencing to meet the requirements of the local council for pool fencing.


Brushwood pool fencing may also be used to hide services such as a swimming pool pump or a pool shed, as well as the area around the pool. It’s important to remember that a hand-packed brush fence may be used on sloping sites and can be tapered around obstacles such as tree trunks and swimming pool equipment, making it a versatile choice.

  • Benefits:

Brushwood pool fencing contributes to a more peaceful environment. Due to the way brushwood is constructed, which consists of layers of natural material packed closely together, it has exceptional noise absorption properties. In the same way, as solid surfaces muffle and retain sound, this natural material will muffle and keep sound rather than bouncing about and sometimes conducting it.

Why Fence Around A Pool Is Used?

Why Fence Around A Pool Is Used?

The fence around a pool is used to prevent small children and pets from entering the pool in the absence of adults. Fencing around pools may also help from accidental slip-ups. There are also state laws in place that mandate fencing around the pool. The following are some of the rules:

  • Fences should be high enough to prevent small children from climbing them.
  • There should be a minimum gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence. 
  • The door should be self-closing and it should open away from the pool, etc.

Things to consider before fencing around the pool.

1. The type of material

The fence will be exposed to various natural elements like sun, rain, chemicals from the pool, etc. Choose a material that will withstand those impacts and also serve other purposes. The popular options are iron, glass, vinyl, brushwood pool fencing, etc.

2. Its locking mechanism

The main purpose of fencing a pool is to prevent children from coming too close. Choose a self-closing door that opens from the side of the pool so that only an adult can reach out to open it.

3. Its measurements

There are set regulations around the height and spaces of fences that constructors have to abide by. Find out the regulations around pools in your state and build accordingly.

4. Its Appearance

Many people like to be able to look at their pool without obstructions. Choosing a material that doesn’t hinder the beauty of your pool area, is easy to maintain yet serves the purpose is a tricky task. Material like glass or steel can do that but they have their own drawbacks.

5. Its cost of installation

The fancier you’ll go the higher it is going to cost. If you want to get the best bank for your buck, a material that is long-lasting and low-maintenance would be a good choice. 

Why use brushwood pool fencing around your pool?

1. It is low maintenance and durable

Other fences like glass, iron, or wood planks ask for upkeep like wiping, oiling, or painting from time to time. This is not the case with brushwood pool fencing. Once it is installed properly it doesn’t require maintenance for years to come. This makes it a long-term investment.

2. It is aesthetically pleasing

Brushwood pool fencing adds a resort-like look to your pool area. The earthy backdrop will add to its beauty.

3. It is noise-cancelling

While partying and playing in and around the pool is a lot of fun, there will also be a lot of sounds. And your neighbour may not find it pleasant. Having brushwood pool fencing will ensure absorbing those sounds and lead to less disturbance.

4. It provides privacy

Unlike other fences, which either add to the beauty or are simply practical, brushwood pool fencing gives privacy without making the pool area look bland.

5. It is safe around the pool

Brushwood fences can not be climbed by small children and toddlers can’t pass from under the fence, so this makes it a safe option around the pool.

These are a few things you should know as a pool owner looking to fence your pool.



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