Different Types Of Cremation Services

Different Types Of Cremation Services

In the past, cremation was thought to be a form of final disposition. Things have changed in recent times as cremation and services have started to go hand-in-hand. People in this day and age are more affirming to give an amazing tribute to the deceased person. There are various types of cremation services that you probably don’t know about. We will discuss them in detail here below: 

Traditional Cremation Services 

The first option that we are going to talk about is the most common in cremation services. In a traditional cremation service, you would generally have a visitation. The visitation will be followed by a funeral service either immediately afterwards or the next day. Visitation is an important part of traditional cremation services. The members of the community want to see the deceased person one last time. They offer their condolences before the funeral service takes place. 

Celebration Of Life 

In this day and age, a celebration of life is commonly used by people for cremation services. As the name suggests, this is a ceremony that will celebrate the life of the deceased person. The person’s story will be told to remember him one last time. Such events provide a set place and time for family and friends to unite. They can come together and celebrate the life of the departed soul. The environment in this type of cremation service is casual but offers a lot of positivity at the same point in time. 

Witnessed Cremation 

Through this type of cremation service, immediate family members can observe the body entering the crematorium. People are going to be assembled to perform the last rites. They have the choice to leave the place once the cremation begins. If they would like to stay, they can take that route as well. It is about what suits one’s peace of mind better before making the right decision. It might not be considered an actual service, but it does give a select few a chance to pay their respects and say farewell. 

Memorial Service 

Another very popular type of cremation service is a memorial service. It differs from the traditional service based on the fact that the full body of the deceased person is not present here. You will typically see an urn and a photo of the deceased person in this service. It can be conducted days, weeks or even months after the person has deceased. 

Graveside Service 

When a loved one’s cremated remains are laid in a cemetery, one can hold a graveside cremation service. This service is also referred to as interment and committal service. It doesn’t go on for too long. So if the family of the deceased person is in a hurry, going for a cremation service will be a great decision. If a funeral is held before the graveside service, guests will drive or walk in the procession behind the hearse to the cemetery.  

As you can see, the last rites of a person can be held in different ways. You can choose one of the cremation services based on which option suits your needs the best!


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