6 Timber Flooring Trends You Should Know

6 Timber Flooring Trends You Should Know

Today, the market is flooded with many kinds of flooring to choose from, but some materials have higher popularity. One such material is timber flooring. You can install wood flooring for nearly any construction, from residential to commercial. Natural wood also has an added appeal that brings a natural feeling and warmth to the interior, allowing occupants to enjoy and relax in the home decor atmosphere. Check out these timber flooring in Epping trends to get inspired for your next remodel project! 

 1. Rich and Varied Colors

Floors are getting bolder in terms of style and colour, and that includes hardwoods. While many timber floors have some amount of subtle variation in them, newer trends are turning this into the top-notch. This means either utilizing a hardwood that has a naturally bold and wild grain, or that portrays a blend of mixed hardwood species and different colours together.

2. Smokey Timber Floor Tones

If you want to add an appeal of drama, wait for nothing and head towards smokey-toned floors. These floors have unique and are considered the timber flooring in Epping that looks very appealing. The warmth of sophistication is what timber floors are famous for. You can create a smoky look with almost all types of wood species. 

3. Bleached Floors

Light-coloured wood tones illuminate the space. Bleached or whitewashed flooring creates a soothing atmosphere in homes. The process for bleaching a wood floor involves adding a chemical potion to the wood surface to remove the stain or colour. Whitewashing will give the wood a white look while still showcasing the natural wood grain by making it one of the timber floorings in Epping.

4. Rustic Textures

You can style rustic flooring in various ways. Add another life to your floors by using reclaimed wood. You will fall in love with the textures of the flooring styles. Try it out to enhance the classic look of your house. 

5. Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank hardwoods are less noisy than other hardwood floors, with some pieces going into the construction process. It lets you see more of the variation and grain across each piece of wood. It creates a floor that’s more subtle and interesting at the same time.

6. Unusual Flooring Design

Layout designs such as herringbone and chevron are two examples of flooring designs that make the timber flooring in Epping leave a big impression on your interior design. For the herringbone design, the planks need to be laid out so that they interlock in a diagonal pattern which aids to draw the eye in a specific direction. It is laid so that the points of the herringbone pattern floor are parallel to the longest wall of the room. Chevron and herringbone are the timber flooring in Epping options to add visual interest to your entryways.

 Final Word

Timber floors will never go out of style. These floor designs can survive a lot of use while retaining their charm and beauty. 








What To Consider Before Installing Timber Floors

What To Consider Before Installing Timber Floors

Many homes have timber floors. Hardwood floors are both solid and nice to look at. They are not as easy to break as some other things. This is very important, especially considering harsh weather. More and more people choose this material for their homes. Whether building a new one or fixing an old one, timber flooring should be your ultimate choice.

There are many choices for contractors and flooring experts in timber Epping regarding timber floors. You can choose a classic, deep colour that looks good in every home. Choose a lighter wash and a matte finish if you want country-style floors. For modern homes, choose floors in deep shades of brown or red.

When choosing timber floors in Epping, there are many things to consider. There are many different kinds of timber flooring available from stores. Make sure you think about what you want your house to be like in terms of these things. Do not settle for anything less than the best timber flooring offers.

Here are some things you should think about when choosing timber flooring in Epping:


Start with the colour of the floor. You do not have to say anything specific at the start of your search. Think about the browns, creams, and reds that make up the three primary colour groups of wood. After you decide which category you want to go with, it will be easier to choose a colour.


The grade of the wood tells you how many of the wood’s natural features can be seen with the naked eye. There are three primary grades of wood: character, standard, and select.


Materials with a character grade have natural features that are common and stand out. This includes marks on a branch, knots, insect trails, and veins in the gum. Those that do not make it to standard grade have more subtle qualities. They are uniform and look more transparent than character-grade wood. The select-grade timber-flooring surface has only a few small natural marks. This makes things in this category look as if they don’t have any flaws.

Board size

Different sizes of boards are needed for each house. This will depend on what kind of subfloor you have and the look you want to go for. Usually, it’s 12mm thick and 85mm wide. There are also 105 x 12mm and 138 x 14mm solid wood floors. Most homes have a solid concrete subfloor, so these measurements are correct.


You should look for the most rigid timber flooring you can find. The flooring industry uses the Janka Hardness Scale to determine how durable a piece of wood is. Floors with higher Janka scores are less likely to get dents or wear than floors with lower scores. Because of this, wood with a high Janka rating is more complicated.


The finish you choose for your timber flooring in Epping makes a big difference in how it looks. Choose a finish with less shine if you want to keep the wood’s natural look. Go with a semi-gloss or satin finish if you want a bit of shine without taking away from the wood’s natural beauty. For a more modern look, choose materials with a high gloss finish. There are non-toxic water-based finishes and polyurethane finishes for wood coatings. Remember that the way these finishes look in the end will depend on the type of wood you use.

Choosing Hassle-free Timber Flooring Installation In Epping

Choosing Hassle-free Timber Flooring Installation In Epping

The importance of flooring installation is often underestimated. In many cases, it significantly raises the importance of timber flooring itself and the value it brings with it. Hiring a professional Timber Flooring in Epping source to undertake flooring installation will make a difference for the better.

Properly installed timber flooring will allow you to enjoy the utility value of timber flooring to the fullest extent. It will give your setting a new revamped look. On the other hand, improperly installed timber flooring can undo and undermine the very purpose of having timber flooring installed. Eventually, the errors will prove costly and detrimental in the long run. 

When you look for such a timber flooring in Epping source, ensure that the installer is:

  • Certified with a qualification that is recognized in the industry. The certification indicates that the installer concerned is, competent enough to undertake the installation process and also maintains and upgrades skill-sets from time to time; and up-to-date with the latest trends and occurrences in timber flooring and its installation. 
  • Licensed and insured to handle flooring installation tasks. A certified installer knows all about flooring installation and what steps need to be taken to install flooring. Such an installer will also know what needs to be done when a flooring installation goes wrong and what measures need to be undertaken to rectify it. For instance, there could be an accidental burst of a pipe leading to flooding when the flooring installation process is on, a certified timber flooring in Epping can have it covered swiftly, ensuring in the bargain that the work process does not get hampered.  
  • Positioned to undertake the task of measurement of the moisture content of the timber flooring and relative humidity of the environment, in line with laid down guidelines. The installer can also be relied upon to analyze, and measure the moisture content of timber flooring; study and measure the relative humidity of the environment, and find solutions to problems with the flooring.
  • Reliable to offer warranty for their work. Flooring installation is a complex process that also comes with high investment. As such, it’s important that the installer entrusted with the task backs up their own work with a proper warranty.
  • Capable of tackling the mess that comes with flooring installation. From protecting window furnishings, lighting fixtures, and more, to disposing of unwanted materials, and more, the installer can clean up the premises after the flooring installation is done.
  • Capable of completing flooring installation on time and within budget. Certified installers are normally properly well-acclimatized to execute any kind of flooring installation project, simple or complex, within the desired timeline. 

Installing a new floor is a complicated process. Hence, professional flooring installation by a reliable Timber Flooring in Epping source is essential. This will ensure proper know-how during every step of the flooring installation process. This will also get the job done efficiently and swiftly.

Choosing the best timber flooring in Epping:

Flooring installation does not mean just installation but also means maintenance and inspection at periodic intervals. This will make sure that the installed flooring is safe and secure for usage. Else it can create serious problems later that can at times be difficult to resolve and could also reduce the timber flooring in Epping product’s lifespan.

Professional flooring installation by the best timber flooring in Epping will ensure proper removal of the old flooring and its disposal, and minimal repairs later while also relieving you from the bother of umpteen service cost down the road.


Why You Should Consider A Timber Floorboard For Your Floorings In Epping, Sydney!

Why You Should Consider A Timber Floorboard For Your Floorings In Epping, Sydney!

In modern times, with improved technologies, one can afford a wide range of floorings that they can choose from. So the question arises- Why should you choose timber floorboards in Sydney when there are so many other flooring products available? This article will explain to you in detail the advantages and disadvantages of timber flooring in Epping over other flooring materials in Sydney.

Advantages of Timber Floorboards in Sydney:

  • Value for money: Most real estate agents would concur that timber floorings in Epping will increase the value of your home past their underlying cost. Having timber floorboards installed will help your floorings last as long as your house exists, so you will never have to worry about the need of replacing them. In many home demolitions, the timber floorboards are removed flawlessly and recycled, so it could be said that your timber floorboards can really outlive your home.
  • Environmentally friendly: Timber is a sustainable asset. In recent years, timber in Australia is harvested from plantations or carefully managed forests, which would guarantee that supplies won’t ever run out and that negligible harm is done to nearby flora and fauna. In many cases, the timber industry presently effectively takes an interest in reforestation and natural life preservations projects. 
  • Hardwood floors help keep your home environment healthier: This is one of the principal reasons why countless homeowners have their carpeted floors replaced with timber floorings in Epping and other types of timber floorboards in Sydney. Timber floorings do not hold onto dust, mould, bugs, pet hair, lies and different substances that can cause or deteriorate allergies and other medical issues.
  • Hardwood floors are beautiful: Nothing can beat the warmth, shades and hues provided by a  timber hardwood floorboard in Sydney. They are available in an assortment of colours, shades that you can access. You can discover hardwood that would be an ideal match for your home in Sydney.
  • Hardwood floors are easy to care for: Once you get your timber floorings installed and sealed in Epping, your floorboards will look wonderful for quite a long time to come with just simple routine cleaning and upkeep.

Disadvantages of Timber Floorboards in Sydney:

  • Premium quality timber can be more expensive than numerous flooring materials available in the market.
  • Timber Hardwood floorboards in Sydney may require occasional standing and finishing to refresh your floorings.
  • Timber floorings cannot easily be replaced if you want to change your flooring material.

But are these disadvantages truly inconveniences or would they say they are simply seen as disadvantages? While the facts demonstrate that the expense of laying timber floorings is more costly than laying rugs or vinyl tiles, timber hardwood flooring would stay on forever, while other types of flooring require regular replacement. This will help you recover the original cost during the installations, in fact, providing more value in the long run. Indeed, you may be required to sand and polish your floorings a few times over the lifetime of your home, this is no more expensive than having different kinds of flooring replaced. Though, you can’t easily remove your timber flooring, but why would you need to? Most property owners never get tired of their timber floorings and truth be told, they love them significantly more as the years pass by. 

If you need to lay a timber floorboard over your existing floor, solid timber flooring may not be the only solution that you can look into. One can also look into engineered and floating timber floorings. If you are seeking to get your home renovations or a home extension in Epping, then there is no reason why not to choose timber floorboards for your floorings in Sydney.



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