We all can probably agree that there is nothing better than having perfectly designed and customised fabric roller blinds in one’s house. However, at the same time, it is very important to maintain them so that they look great for years to come. If you also have fabric roller blinds in Manly, then you can go through these below-mentioned cleaning tips for the same. 

Keep In Mind These Roller Blind Cleaning Tips-

Always Wipe Your Blinds In The Downward Direction 

The most common mistake made by people who have installed fabric roller blinds in their houses is that they start to wipe the blinds in any random direction due to which the texture and pattern of the cloth used in blinds will get disturbed. Hence, one should always remember to wipe in the downward direction if they want to ensure the long life of their roller blinds. 

You Should Know The Fabric Used In Your Roller Blinds

The second cleaning tip for fabric roller blinds is that you should be aware of the type of fabric used in the same so that you can clean the same accordingly without any worry of spoiling the same. If you have a very delicate fabric installed in your roller blinds, then it is better to take them to the dry cleaner. There are many professional cleaners in Manly who do such services as washing and cleaning blinds. 

Make Use Of Natural And Mild Cleaning Products

Many times, people don’t actually pay much attention to the cleaning/ washing material they are buying for their blinds. However, one should remember to buy something that can be delicate on the fabric of these blinds so that they last long and look beautiful. 

Make Use Of A Soft Brush While Vacuum Cleaning 

If you are cleaning your blinds with a vacuum cleaner, then always remember to use a small brush because it will be very gentle on the material of your roller blinds. If people use a bigger brush with a rough surface, then there are chances that blinds may get torn off as well. 

Use An Old Toothbrush For Cleaning Tough Areas

If by any chance there is some or the other type of stain that is required to be washed away from the blinds, then we recommend people not to use the regular clothes washing brush but instead make use of an old toothbrush, which can help you remove the stains easily without damaging the blinds. 

Choose A Cool Place For Hanging Washed Roller Blinds

Lastly, once you have finished washing these roller blinds, you should consider drying these blinds in a cool place where there is no direct sunlight. It is always better to hang blinds away from direct sunlight so that the colour of the fabric used in the blinds does not fade away or get damaged. 

We hope that after reading these amazing cleaning tips for fabric roller blinds, all our readers will be able to clean their blinds on their own. 


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