Today, the market is flooded with many kinds of flooring to choose from, but some materials have higher popularity. One such material is timber flooring. You can install wood flooring for nearly any construction, from residential to commercial. Natural wood also has an added appeal that brings a natural feeling and warmth to the interior, allowing occupants to enjoy and relax in the home decor atmosphere. Check out these timber flooring in Epping trends to get inspired for your next remodel project! 

 1. Rich and Varied Colors

Floors are getting bolder in terms of style and colour, and that includes hardwoods. While many timber floors have some amount of subtle variation in them, newer trends are turning this into the top-notch. This means either utilizing a hardwood that has a naturally bold and wild grain, or that portrays a blend of mixed hardwood species and different colours together.

2. Smokey Timber Floor Tones

If you want to add an appeal of drama, wait for nothing and head towards smokey-toned floors. These floors have unique and are considered the timber flooring in Epping that looks very appealing. The warmth of sophistication is what timber floors are famous for. You can create a smoky look with almost all types of wood species. 

3. Bleached Floors

Light-coloured wood tones illuminate the space. Bleached or whitewashed flooring creates a soothing atmosphere in homes. The process for bleaching a wood floor involves adding a chemical potion to the wood surface to remove the stain or colour. Whitewashing will give the wood a white look while still showcasing the natural wood grain by making it one of the timber floorings in Epping.

4. Rustic Textures

You can style rustic flooring in various ways. Add another life to your floors by using reclaimed wood. You will fall in love with the textures of the flooring styles. Try it out to enhance the classic look of your house. 

5. Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank hardwoods are less noisy than other hardwood floors, with some pieces going into the construction process. It lets you see more of the variation and grain across each piece of wood. It creates a floor that’s more subtle and interesting at the same time.

6. Unusual Flooring Design

Layout designs such as herringbone and chevron are two examples of flooring designs that make the timber flooring in Epping leave a big impression on your interior design. For the herringbone design, the planks need to be laid out so that they interlock in a diagonal pattern which aids to draw the eye in a specific direction. It is laid so that the points of the herringbone pattern floor are parallel to the longest wall of the room. Chevron and herringbone are the timber flooring in Epping options to add visual interest to your entryways.

 Final Word

Timber floors will never go out of style. These floor designs can survive a lot of use while retaining their charm and beauty. 









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