Good shower system needs good screens. You can select a glass or plastic fabric. Frameless types look more elegant. They are aesthetic and appealing.

They are easy to clean and maintain. They are airy and open. They prevent water from split outside enclosure limits. 

  • You can search for curtains and screens that are cost-effective
  • DIY kits are also available that are easy to install
  • You can select custom made screens

Before you opt for DIY kits, consult an expert team. You have to focus on hardware and glass features. You can select frameless shower screen in Sydney dealer materials.

  1. Metal-less frames

You can search for frameless screens. These types need thick glass. You can also choose a small header for the door. These are expensive but popular.

They are frameless of semi-frameless types. Both are easy to install. Avoid DIY kits to install. Frameless shower screen Sydney dealers are the best options.

Semi-frameless types are more affordable. They may also be less trendy.

  1. Swing or sliding

The screens are a swing or sliding types. Both are functional. Your choice depends on the space available. For small space, sliding-type is best.

Swing types will usually open outdoors. They need extra space to rotate and open. Selecting frameless shower screen Sydney type is your personal choice.

  1. By-pass designs

They are easy to access. You may not need to slide or swing the screen. You can find these types as frameless options. They make the place more spacious.

Installing by-pass types does not need specialized techniques. The screen will hang on metal channel.

  1. Barn style

These are the best choice for a ll shower units. The panel rests the screen door. You have to slide the screen to open and close. You can go with frameless shower screen Sydney versions.

They are more functional. They add elegancy to the bathroom. For traditional bathrooms, these are an ideal choice.

  1. In-line alignment

If you are installing screen doors next to the wall, these are best. They are easy to install on ceramic or glass wall. You can also select Neo or right angle type.

Both types are best if you have ample space indoors. The doors may need to open up on the outer side.

  1. Steam shower doors

If you have a steam shower, you may need to seal the shower unit. Steam shower screens are best. Frameless shower screen Sydney will seal the shower unit.

They are portable types. You can move them as needed. You have to select one that fits your budget.

  1. Acid-etched

If you like frost glass screens then acid etched types are the right choice. They reduce visibility from the out-shower area. You can enjoy your shower in privacy.

You can also select frost glass with a plain design on the surface. It makes the screen look more elegant.

  1. Pattern glass

If you like a transparent glass screen, you can select pattern styles. Floral designs are the best choice for the bathroom. Cast glass is an ideal choice if you need something unique.

For more privacy, you can also install tinted glass screens. You find many options in the market.


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