Staircases are the first thing to step on when you are about to enter your home. So, isn’t it your duty to make the staircases look beautiful yet sturdy with all the new trends available in the market? With all the unique and eye-catching features, designer staircases in Sydney are going to change the look of your house. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best one from the latest trends and keep it up-to-date with the new designs. 

1. Black Oak

For a gothic and bold look, homeowners choose materials that surface the black tinge. It is their first preference. A black tinge essentially means black oak that works on creating a monochromic appearance altogether creating a different look. 

2. Metal finish

It is all time favourite of people and always on trend. The metal finish never disappoints. The railings, the poles, and other accessories all are made up of different metal options, like galvanized steel, aluminium, iron, etc. If you wish you loosen your pocket, order a custom-made designer staircase in Sydney. 

3. Under-stairs mini garden 

Want some oxygen inside your home? A great idea would be planting small indoor plants under your staircase. If you are a plant lover plus if you have a duplex house staircase, this idea will work wonders. Also, do not forget the hanging vines leading upstairs. It will create a green carpet of its own!

4. Floating Staircase

These designer staircases in Sydney create a fun, contemporary, and exciting aesthetic with your stairs. As the name suggests, it looks like floating in the air without any support. Choose the shape, size, and design and you are good to go. 

5. Illuminate with lights

Interact lighting or hue lighting will modernize your staircases like never before. With just minimal effort and expense, you can revamp your interiors with lights. Yes, it is going to add more spice to the look.

6. The wooden look

Interior work is incomplete without the touch of wood. A complete wood staircase is a colonial-era design that is never going to be out of trend. Not only it emits warmth, but a classic aroma is what wooden staircases are meant for. 

7. A colour pops out

To match your cheerful mind, colour the staircases to invite entertainment to your home. This designer staircase in Sydney is trending this year. Mix and match colours to make your boring staircases a place to click photographs.

8. U-shaped staircase

A U-shaped staircase can vary from simple to grand, depending on your preference. For example, staircases, with a combination of wrought-iron railing, offer an opulent old-school charm. Try to install it, you will love it. 

9. Carpeted staircase

And the super popular choice of the year goes to carpeted designer staircases in Sydney. Yes, the fastest yet the prettiest are these types. Also, it is safe because it prevents people from slipping and falling.  

The Final word

If you have any doubts regarding the designs, you can contact an expert to suggest ideas about the style that will suit your interiors. 



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