In spite of the fact that the first order was never fulfilled, old fashioned teddy bears continued to manufacture and export bears to the United States. There, the bears were marketed under the same brand name as their main rival: the teddy bear. The following characteristics are what make Steiff teddy bears the most easily recognizable:

Articulated limbs:

  • The very first batch of stuffed toys that Steiff sent to the United States, the 1904 28 PBs, was equipped with a metal rod mechanism for movement. 
  • These rods are visible under an x-ray, and many collectors actually run their bears through an x-ray scanner to ensure that they haven’t been tampered with in any way. 
  • To facilitate movement, Steiff teddy bears manufactured after 1905 were outfitted with cardboard discs and metal pins rather than rods made of metal. 

Relatively fresh bears:

The old fashioned teddy bears continue to this day to be crafted by hand, which contributes to their very high level of craftsmanship. There is a general tendency for the value of even relatively fresh Steiff bears to increase.

  • For the purpose of creating a tribute to the sad sinking of the Titanic, Steiff made a total of 600 black mohair bears with crimson rimmed glass eyes in five various sizes. 
  • The 20-inch bears are the most difficult to find instances; in the year 2000, a bear of this size was auctioned.

High market value:

Because the teddy bear had been stored in a closet for most of its life by its owner, it remained in extremely excellent condition during its entire existence, which contributed to its high market value. Although several old fashioned teddies bear mourning bears have found their way to auctions throughout the years, none of them has been in quite as exquisite condition as the one that was auctioned in the year 2000.

  • Affectionate:

The very first Steiff is the ideal friend for a baby to snuggle up with. This teddy bear was made specifically for the affection, bending, and manipulation that may be provided by young hands. It is crafted from beige plush that is very gentle, making it ideal for use next to a baby’s skin. 

The ideal companion for cuddling:

  • All of the facial features, including the eyes, grin, and nose, are stitched by hand and meet the highest possible safety requirements. In addition, the phrases “My First Steiff” are hand-stitched onto the right paw of the bear.
  • The fact that it is 24 centimetres tall makes it the perfect size for children’s hands, and it will make a fantastic first friend for any youngster. 
  • Offering both solace and proximity to the recipient. If you are seeking a present for a new baby that is not only exceptional in quality but also one of a kind, then old-fashioned teddy bears are the perfect option for you. 

These bears, in contrast to other bears, which tend to be stiffer, are squishy and cuddly, and they will make the ideal companion for cuddling.


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