There are multi-coloured trash bags that make up the colours of the rainbow. Depending on what and where you are disposing will determine the garbage bag colours. So, what is the need for the various trash bag colours?

1. Black-colored garbage bags:

 Black garbage bags are the most commonly used garbage for most non-recyclable waste. The colour black keeps the mess contained and neat when the bags are sitting outside getting ready for pickup.

2.    Clear garbage bags: 

These are generally used for comparatively lighter trash like paper and cardboard. Clear garbage bags allow the trash to be visible to the sanitation department for proper demarcation. In today’s age and day, your items need to be visible when entering any facility.

3.    White garbage bags:

 These are often found in the bathrooms and kitchen. The colour white is not harsh and seems to be neat when placed inside your choice trash can. Trash usually takes on a bad odour when sitting around for too long or something smelly is placed inside. 

4.    Blue recycling bags: 

Unlike the black garbage bag, the blue ones are used for recyclable trash where the disposer wants to identify what’s inside the trash can. Make sure to label each receptacle with a recycling sticker clearly. Hotels and healthcare facilities will use blue garbage bags for depositing the soiled linens when sending them off to be cleaned.

5.    Yellow garbage bags:

 These are often used to dispose of waste that must be handled cautiously. The types of waste include infectious, biohazard, and hazardous materials. Each of these trash bags needs to be handled with extreme care and needs to be marked specifically. 

6.    Red plastic garbage bags:

These are mostly found in hospitals that dispose of medical waste. This includes pathological, biological, and infectious agents possibly used in laboratories. Any of these or the same items must be handled accordingly. 

7.    Green garbage bags:

 An eco-friendly garbage can is any colour or condition as long as they are 100% biodegradable. After the compostable trash bags are treated and broken down after taking out of the black garbage bag, what remains of them are little black shards of plastic. The green-coloured bags are mostly used to dump off biodegradable waste.

8.    Pink trash bags:

 These will be found in offices and places looking to spread breast cancer awareness. The pink garbage bag reminds women to get an annual mammogram. 

9.    Orange garbage bags:

These will be used for clinical waste that needs to be treated by incineration. These bags recycle household items such as shoes, clothing, towels, and toys. These bags must be used when you clean your house and wants to dispose of household materials.  

Coloured garbage bags, whether it is a black garbage bag or may be white, you must buy them knowing what each bag is meant to hold, keeping in mind the general trash law according to different countries.


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