The cost of renovating a bathroom depends on the size of the bathroom. Bathroom Renovation in Menangle primarily depends on the size factor. It also depends on the quality of the materials used, the cost of the materials, and the type of fittings and sanitary ware. There may be different types of renovation of a bathroom. The cost of renovating a bathroom can also depend on the type of renovation being done in the bathroom.

Hence before renovating a bathroom, you first need to know the types of renovation possible in the bathroom. Apart from changing the bathroom’s fittings, it can also include the plumbing part in the renovation. Renovating a bathroom and plumbing can be expensive rather than changing only the fittings and sanitary ware of the bathroom. Hence deciding on which part to renovate before renovating is very important.

Types of Renovation in the Bathroom

  • Plumbing

Plumbing renovation includes wall cutting for concealed pipelines and the purchase and installation of the concealed pipelines. As this is a long process, it becomes costly.

  • Tiling

The cost of tiling renovation includes calculating the area of the bathroom floor. For example, if the bathroom is 8 feet long and 7 feet wide, the floor area will be eight multiplied by seven which is fifty-four square feet. The cost depends on per square foot. Hence as per the size of the bathroom, the cost of Bathroom Renovation in Menangle depends.

  • Sanitary Fixtures

Sanitary fixtures include one overhead shower, one hand shower, a combination of hot and cold water taps, a washbasin, and two drains. Changing all these sanitary is costly. But it can also be cost-effective. The cost of sanitary fixtures depends on your choice.

Bathroom Renovation Varieties

Homeowners may renovate their bathrooms for any reason. There’s no reason in particular for Bathroom Renovation in Menangle. There are plenty of varieties in which you can renovate your bathroom. A few of the varieties are:

  • Cosmetic Bathroom Remodels: The simple bathroom, which is remodelled and updated for cosmetic reasons, takes up a lot of space.
  • Remodelling bathroom sinks: Few homeowners prefer to change the sinks or the shower or any particular bathroom fitting without remodelling it.
  • Floor plan changes: Changing floor tiles can again take a lot of space and a lot of money. Changing the tiles needs to uproot the old ones and then fix the new ones. Hence it is time-consuming as well as costly.
  • Bathroom addition – Many homeowners may wish to add a few more fittings in the bathroom. That is also possible instead of renovating the whole bathroom.

Reasons to Renovate Bathroom

Homeowners mainly plan Bathroom Renovation in Menangle to fix underlying problems, boost the storage space, update the bathroom’s look, add functional features, opt for smart bathroom designs, and add some seating. A few additional features that one should keep in mind while renovating a bathroom are; shower screens, as having shower screens makes the bathroom more convenient. Bathroom sinks or basins help to keep the bathroom clean. Non-slip shower bases will prevent slipping and falling. As the bathroom is a very important part of a house, it is necessary to renovate it properly.


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