What is brushwood fencing?

A type of fence known as “brushwood fencing” is constructed from an Australian hardwood broom. This kind of fence has a long lifespan and is made from a renewable resource. Once installed, you should anticipate it to survive for 20 to 30 years. Due to their strength, brushwood fences are perfect for breezy or open environments in a region like Manly. Brushwood may be used even in Australia’s harshest climate regions because it is highly durable. The ability of this sort of fencing to muffle all kinds of outside sounds, including road noise, is one of its most notable advantages.

How Much Does Brushwood Fencing Cost?

In Australia, panels and hand-packed brush fences can be purchased for between $130 and $270 per linear metre. However, the initial cost of brush fences shouldn’t deter potential customers; several great benefits reward the cost. This type of fence does not require much maintenance and can survive for 20 to 30 years. When you think about it, you can acquire perfection, toughness, and resilience for only a few hundred dollars.

Is Brush Fencing Prevalent in Australia?

Because it can be used for a multitude of functions, is long-lasting, low maintenance, and great for all types of weather, brushwood fencing is common in Australia, especially here on Manly. This is a wonderful choice for you if you wish to be environmentally responsible because so many people are switching to renewable energy sources!

If you want more solitude, noise reduction, or weather protection around your swimming pool, brushwood pool fencing is a sensible option. It offers a natural framework that improves the appearance of any pool and adds visual allure that a metal or paling fence simply cannot. It provides wind protection while also absorbing sound. Because of its high salt content, brushwood is resilient around pools and, as long as it is not submerged regularly, will give your pool long-lasting and natural boundaries.

How should brushwood fencing be installed?

Brushwood fencing can be mounted to the face of pre-existing fences like colorbond steel or timber paling fences, framed in channel surrounds or affixed to steel or timber posts and rails. A strong substructure consisting of concrete, wood, limestone, bricks, blocks, or pavers serves as the framework for the panels.

Perks of brushwood fencing.

The use of brushwood fencing creates a laid-back setting.

Did you know that brushwood fencing has excellent sound-dampening qualities? Due to the way it is built, with layers of compressed natural material, brushwood offers great noise absorption. This organic material muffles and traps sound, in contrast to the hard surface fence, which can occasionally transfer sound and ping noise about.

The appearance of brushwood is distinctive.

With luscious tones and a pleasant, rustic feel that blends nicely in modern and antique settings, it is distinct from any other fencing material available.

This serves as an excellent windshield in areas with strong winds.

This fencing material limits airflow without completely obstructing it, which lowers the strain on the fence and ensures a more durable investment.

Natural resources like brushwood are beneficial to the planet.

Compared to other natural, it is easier to farm sustainably because it is direct to grow and doesn’t require much upkeep once planted.

It is quite flexible.

A gate, divider, spa enclosure, or equipment shed can all be made out of brushwood. You’ll be capable of harmonising your complete landscape to produce a unique and tranquil mood.


Nowadays, a child-proof fence and a safety gate are essential for all swimming pools. You will discover that your town authority has regulations for pool fencing in your region; you should contact them to learn more about these demands and install brushwood pool fencing accordingly.


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