Bathrooms usually get neglected while planning the new interior of the house because they are not considered an important part of a house. But, actually, bathrooms improve the look of the house and make the houses look more beautiful and innovative. For this reason, bathrooms should get top-priority, even when discussing the ideas of the development of small houses. Bathroom renovation plays an important role in shaping our daily life mood.

6 Incredible Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces:

A lot of incredible ideas exist in the world for adjusting a beautiful bathroom in very small spaces. Some of such incredible ideas of bathroom renovations services in lane cove which will inspire everyone, have is the list: 

  • Side Sinks

A perfect bathroom structure can be designed by arranging the sink at the side of the whole bathroom. By making this change, your bathroom will get a lot of space for cleaning and walking. 

  • Skipping the shower door

The shower door usually makes the surroundings of the bathroom composed and makes it difficult for the people to walk or displace from their location. For this reason, it is always better to skip the shower door and increase the space in the bathroom to a great extent. 

  • Expanding the mirror

Mirrors improve the look and design of the bathroom largely and this gives a great advantage to the people in all possible ways. Therefore, the mirror present in the bathroom should have a very long length, and an expanded structure to make the bathroom look beautiful and classy.

  • Usage of a shower curtain

While planning bathroom renovations you can consider to have beautiful shower curtains. Showers have a lot of areas to cover from the whole bathroom. Plus, the privacy of this area should be respected too. For the same reason, the shower area should have a properly covering and full-length curtain to close the other side of the bathroom and separate it from the washroom completely, and that too without a door or partition. 

  • Counter arrangement besides the toilet

All the toilet areas should have a counter on which the required things can get properly arranged. This way, the people don’t have to roam around searching for the required things at the time of emergency. 

Therefore, a proper and arranged counter is a must for every toilet and every bathroom.

  • Towel bar to be arranged on the door

Many bathrooms have a special side reserved for the towel bar and this consumes a lot of space and area of the bathroom. Instead of keeping a special corner for the towel bar, this bar should get attached to the shower door itself. By doing so, people will save a lot of space and also make their bathroom look very beautiful and perfect.

  • Floating Vanity

A vanity that gets inserted in the bathroom consumes huge space. So, the vanity should get placed above the floor and should be floating in nature. This will consume less space and make the bathroom look innovative and attractive. Therefore, a floating vanity is surely a brilliant option for a perfect and modern bathroom.

  • A thick pattern of the flooring

Flooring is one of the important parts of bathroom renovation. The flooring of the bathroom should be designed and placed in such a way that it looks bigger to the eye of the people. A thick and enlarged pattern of flooring will make the bathroom look much bigger than it actually is. These floorings will increase the space of the bathroom not practically, but at least for the people’s eyes. Look for a professional bathroom renovation contractor in lane cove which can offer you strong and durable flooring. 

  • Trough & Hollow Sink

The sink always remains the most important and necessary section of a bathroom and for this reason, the design of the sink needs to be in such a way that it consumes less space but satisfies all the purposes of people properly. Therefore, the construction of the sink needs to be hollow & trough which will not consume much space and will be comfortable and spacious as well.

  • Placing a wall-mounted faucet

To place a wall-mounted faucet at the corner or in the middle of the bathroom results in very appropriate and less space-consuming for modern as well as traditional bathrooms. So, people can confidently adopt this method to reduce the approximately one-square area of the bathroom and make it comfortable for usage, and also improve its atmosphere and look.

The above-listed bathroom renovation ideas should surely get included in your renovations so that you get the best designs and structures of your bathroom and that too with the most accurate and responsible look. It is recommended to hire a specialist bathroom renovation company in lane cove to enhance the look of your bathroom space.


Bathroom renovations have always remained the specialty of lane cove because of its amazing features and aspects that make adjustments in even small places. The wide variety of small place bathroom adjustments makes the choice of the people easier and their chosen bathroom designs become available to them at the most reasonable rates too. Therefore, in all means, the bathroom renovations need to be made perfect and up to the mark even in small and weakly adjusting places.


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