Glass louvre windows in Sydney are linear windows that customarily completely cover an area of the window. These glass panels can be adjusted through 180° and are usually composed of 3mm plate glass, though frosted glass can be used in some cases for privacy. This allows for great panel opening and impactful aeration in areas where additional ventilation is required.

Louvre skylights dated back to the Middle Ages and were used to control ventilation when internal smoke was necessary to be ousted. They were also used to keep out snow and rain, and also to keep in the heat. These louvre windows had a pivoting axle and were sloppily built, usually out of wood or pottery. Their functionality, however, was realised, and the truth stands the same today.

Great Ventilation

These are made of longitudinal slats that can be opened and closed like shutters. This design traces back to the Middle Ages and is still used in modern homes. A good window should provide ventilation for your home, and no other window does this better than the louvre. The principal objective of louvres is to allow the free circulation of air into your home. This makes them highly suitable for warmer climates. They are also tightly sealed to keep the wind out when you need to keep your home vapour.

Uninterrupted View Along With The Classic Look

While glass louvre windows in Sydney closely mimic shutter blinds, the biggest distinction is that they are completely made of glass. This means that the view out your window would not be obstructed by wooden shutters that can only be sealed horizontally or flipped out to the side. If privacy is a concern, you can always add blinds or curtains without indefinitely impeding your view out the window. 

Louvre windows have a strong tradition, but they are also a timeless style that just never goes out of style. They can start giving any home, no matter how advanced, a classic look. Their distinct appearance from other windows means they add even one touch to the room. The small details make all the difference when it comes to decorating. When establishing or renovating your home, louvre windows are an effective way to think outside the box.

Easy To Clean

Windows can be important to wash, especially since cleaning both sides often involves moving between the inside and outside of your residence. This is where louvre windows shine the best of the best. Because the glass shutters are easily opened and closed, you can access both sides of the window from the inside of your home, abolishing the need to go outside! Not to mention that the ventilation will aid in curing.

Overall, securing glass louvre windows in Sydney can be challenging owing to their ability to open outwards to a completely flat horizontal position. To gain full and complete operational access to the louvre windows, any type of security screen must be installed to allow the louvre full movement. In some cases, it may be unattainable to do any kind of build and therefore a decision must be made to compromise the level of security in balance in favour of the need for ventilation.


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