A room’s colour scheme is essential because it enormously influences the room’s ambience. Different colours are linked to certain emotions; blues and whites are seen to be tranquil, greens and browns can evoke a sense of the outdoors, and maroon and rust can impart a cosy glow.

Similarly, a black and white bathroom tile is a timeless combo that can give the bathroom a fresh and ageless appearance. Black and white may help tie everything together to create a coherent room, whether you are striving for a sleek and modern style or a rustic look.

We have gathered 5 of our favourite black and white tiles designs to serve as inspiration for your upcoming move.


black and white bathroom tile

The chessboard or chequerboard effect is a classic flooring design that adds a real sense of drama to conventional bathrooms. 

It’s easy to understand why it’s so well-liked because of the pattern’s simplicity and repetition.

Patchwork magnificence

There are many ideas for patterned tiles on the internet, but many use various colours to make them stand out. 

If you’re looking for tiles that are only black and white bathroom tiles, why not have a look at this gorgeous patchwork pattern? It appears to be incredibly beautiful.

Luxurious marble

One of the most abundant bathroom materials you may choose is marble because it is so delightfully cool and smooth to the touch. But as you might think, luxury isn’t cheap, and you’d have to shell out a king’s ransom for the real thing.

However, there’s good news. You may add elegance to your bathroom by effortlessly recreating the look with a choice of black and white bathroom tile with a marble effect.

Enchanting mosaic

Utilising mosaics is one technique to give your flooring curiosity. These black and white bathroom tiles are excellent for “zoning” your bathroom, which is the process of dividing the room into specific regions, usually around the bathtub, toilet, sink, and shower.

Wooden impact

Aside from furniture, using wood in bathrooms can be tricky because of the high moisture content and potential for splashes. 

Utilising minimal maintenance flooring, such as the black and white bathroom tile with a wood look, is considerably more straightforward. They seem aged and are ideal for bathrooms with a rustic or even industrial design.

Brick Wall to Create a Classic Look

Previously fashionable brick walls have been incorporated into modern settings, giving them a timeless appearance. This room’s usage of black and white not only provides it with a sleek appearance but also contributes to making it a fashionable environment for you to use.


It is impossible to do it wrong using black and white bathroom tile because black and white is a timeless combo. Add some metallic accents, bright colour bursts, and grey furniture pieces to give the bathroom a distinctive style. 

Also, the black and white tiles come in various styles, patterns, shapes, and sizes and may be utilised to create the black and white bathroom of your dreams.


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