Are you looking to install new tiles in your bathroom? Then you should consider getting terrazzo tiles for your upcoming bathroom renovations. Thousands of households and companies across the country adore terrazzo tiles. And we will help you purchase premium yet cheap terrazzo tiles in Australia. 

Why Select Terrazzo Tiles?

Bathroom renovation is a big commitment, and thus, you should always select the best tiles for your own renovation as well especially when there are lots of options available as far as bathroom tiles are concerned. So, what makes terrazzo tiles the ideal choice for your upcoming renovation plans? Let’s find out below. 

Benefits of Installing Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles

Long-Lasting Endurance 

Unlike other bathroom tiles, terrazzo materials have a much better longevity factor. So, you can install terrazzo tiles in your bathroom and don’t have to bother replacing them ever again. It withstands a large amount of foot traffic easily. So, you can expect long-lasting flooring solutions with this material. 


With terrazzo tile floors, you don’t have to invest a lot in scouring, polishing or scrubbing. These tiles are easy to clean and heavily resistant to dirt as well. Therefore, you will end up saving a lot on maintaining these bathroom tiles. And thus, we recommend you to buy cheap terrazzo tiles for your bathroom remodelling. 


Terrazzo tiles are compositely made up of glass chips, marbles and other similar materials. Therefore, when these tiles are finished, we see a speckled texture in their appearance. Moreover, you can blend in more materials while compositing a terrazzo tile. Thus, there are endless options to design and customise these terrazzo tiles for your bathroom. 


Terrazzo materials are known for their environment-friendly nature. And that is why people across the country prefer getting these tiles for their  Today. Epoxy resin terrazzo materials are trendy for their eco-friendly aspects. It is renewable and has almost zero organic compounds. Thus, it allows your bathroom to aerate better air quality.

Resistant Surface 

Sometimes, you cannot avoid water and fire accidents around your bathroom space. And for such instances, terrazzo tiles offer excellent surface resistance to your bathroom. Similarly, terrazzo flooring provides resistance against chemical spillage and other stains as well. And you can always add sealer on top of these tiles to provide extra protection. 

You get lots of benefits apart from the ones listed above with terrazzo tiles. Benefits such as 

  • V.O.C compliant
  • Colour consistency
  • Readily available across the market 
  • Provides anti-slippery properties 

What Factors Work Against Terrazzo Tiles?

Now that we have gone through the benefits let’s see some of the disadvantages. As a customer, you should know everything related to a product before purchasing it. So, let’s begin.

  • Upfront Cost Is High: The buying and installation cost of terrazzo tiles in your bathroom is higher in comparison to other tiles. 
  • Cold Surface: Often, people have complained that terrazzo tiles feel a bit too cold. This happens due to poor heat retention properties of these tiles.        

If you don’t mind the above-mentioned disadvantages, then you can go ahead and procure terrazzo tiles today!


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