Choosing the perfect battery is extremely important and we know that by now. Batteries used to be expensive even a couple of years back and they were not really used like they are used today. Now, with the cut back in battery prices, they are being used increasingly in solar systems both off-grid and on-grid. In fact, both solis solar inverter and batteries are vital to the power supply at home because they not only provide backup but also provide power at a lesser price. The inverter and batteries should be chosen carefully because these are vital to power conversion which can be subsequently consumed by the homeowners or office owners. 

Why is Solis a Viable Option?

Solis is one of the leading manufacturers of inverters and batteries in Australia. They provide quality products and have been leading the industry for several years now. They provide the most technically advanced products for the renewable industry. Their string inverters have become a hit among the buyers. Some of the reasons to choose solis solar inverter include:

  • In House Manufacturing- They have an in-house manufacturing facility, and this ensures quality. Their manufacturing centre is headed and managed by experienced professionals who aim towards achieving excellence in their field of production thus guaranteeing success and quality. 
  • Measuring Tool- The solis solar inverter and battery is tested under normal circumstance simulation which ensures proper functioning of both. They are not tested under ideal operating conditions which will make them half efficient. The efficiency data collected by the company is based on a real environmental test which makes it correct and operable. 
  • Prompt Service and Assistance- Solis solar inverter and battery can be installed only by professionals and professional help is just a call away from your doorstep. The service and assistance provided by the company during and after the purchase are commendable thus making their products a great option for potential buyers. 
  • Warranty- Solis solar inverter and batteries come with a standard 5-year warranty for the customers. The products are available through a wholesale network and the retailers can also purchase another 5 years of warranty which makes it 10 years on the whole; this is more than enough for the battery life and for the customers. 
  • Appearance- Appearance goes a long way in creating a lasting impression in anybody’s mind. The solis solar inverter and battery come with a contemporary finish so that it does not stand put like a sore sight among the decor. It completely blends with your décor and environment. 

Choosing the Correct Solis Inverter and Battery

Now, that we have established the fact that solis is the most trusted solar inverter and battery manufacturer, we will be able to choose the correct one for use. Since inverters and batteries store any excess power and are also responsible for sending back energy to homes for consumption, they need to be perfect in operation. Choosing the correct equipment will help in surplus storage and also make a big difference in your financial planning over a long period. It offers reliable benefits and the hybrid inverter manufactured by solis is great in providing all the benefits through its impeccable functionality. 

There are several benefits to choosing the proper inverter and battery combination for your home consumption. They are:

  • Home solar systems can maximize your use of electricity through the times when consumption is optimal. A battery charges during the day with the available sunlight and then functions through the night so that you can have a backup. The solis solar inverter and battery can cause a high shift in the consumption of power from the grid during peak hours. This can decrease your electricity bill.
  • Voltage fluctuations and a power outage can be a hurdle in any home. The appliances take a hit from this and also the Wi-Fi-routers can go off completely leaving you without an actively functioning internet which is bad news. When power is stored inside batteries, they can provide backup during this time and get you out of your discomfort. 

The solis solar inverter has a critical function of multitasking like converting solar energy, supplying the load, and also managing the charging and discharging of a battery during the day. Overall, these affect the economics of the power supply. The cost of the inverter makes up about 20-25% of the total cost of the entire solar system. Thus, to ensure that you get the best value you must find out whether the inverter and batteries are compatible with each other. However, buying solis solar inverter and batteries together will ensure that they function in tandem.


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