Although these doors have been around for a while, the region around Brisbane is seeing an increase in their use. These elegant and functional folding doors in the accordion style let light through while offering privacy and security. They can be utilised inside and outside, in industrial or domestic settings. This blog examine some of the most recent concertina door trends and discuss why these items are so well-liked in Brisbane. 

What Is the Appeal of these Doors? 

These doors are very common for a number of reasons, including their adaptability and simple installation. These sorts of doors are great for busy households that need dependable door solutions without having to worry about time-consuming maintenance chores because they require minimum maintenance. In addition, these doors offer a variety of customisation possibilities, such as patterned glass patterns, that let property owners express their individual style preferences when deciding on elements like colour scheme or design features for their home’s entranceway design aesthetic. Additionally, these products provide exceptional value for the money because they are typically less expensive than conventional hinged wooden or steel-framed models while still offering all the essential features needed by contemporary houses today. 

What Are The Most Current Door Trends? 

Homeowners who want attractive yet useful entryways for their properties have been increasing their demand in recent years. In Brisbane, where aesthetics frequently take precedence over functionality when it comes to home remodelling initiatives, this trend is particularly prevalent among residents. As a result, many manufacturers now offer customisable features on these door ranges, giving people more freedom to design distinctive and eye-catching entrances to their homes. For example, people can incorporate coloured glass panels into the overall design scheme or install intricate patterns onto transparent sections to create captivating lighting effects at specific times of day or night depending on the amount of sunlight outside.  

Other typical trends include: 

Combining different types of materials, such as wood frames and aluminium slats, creates a modern look while preserving historic characteristics of traditional wooden designs.

Including decorative hardware can give edges and corners personality while also providing extra support for opening and closing actions.

Installation of automated controls – Automated systems make it simpler than ever for customers who desire remote access capabilities (such as open/close) from any location, inside or outside, via mobile device applications.   

What can I do to maximise the performance of door installation? 

Before buying your new goods, you should take a number of factors into account. 

  • Select the opening and closing mechanism type that you want. There are many choices, including manual, motorised, and bi-folding systems. 
  • Take into account the available space; this will help you choose the right size door for your house. 
  • To further personalise the look and feel of the entranceway design scheme for your property, consider adding ornamental hardware or coloured glass panels to your doors.    


Without sacrificing beauty, concertina doors provide an effective and practical solution to safeguard entry into any property. These goods are growing in popularity with homeowners searching for distinctive yet useful entryways into their houses because there are so many appealing designs currently readily available in the Brisbane area.


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