There are so many decisions to be made when planning, designing and building a home. Choosing your cabinets is obviously one of the major selections, but it doesn’t end there. You’ll need the means to unlock those lovely cabinets!

If you’re not sure what type, finish, or size of cabinet knobs you need, or if you should go with knobs, pulls, or both, this post is for you! How to choose cabinet hardware for your home is covered in the following guide. We’ll discuss what cabinet hardware, and how to select the ideal hardware type, finish, and size for your house, Let’s get started!

What exactly is cabinet hardware?

Cabinet hardware includes the cabinet knobs and pulls that are attached to your cabinets and drawers. The hinges that allow the cabinet door to swing open are also part of the hardware. Cabinet hardware’s principal function is to allow you to open cabinet doors and drawers.

Hardware is most commonly found as knobs and pulls. cabinet knobs are often used on cabinet doors, whereas pulls are typically used on drawers. However, drawer knobs and cabinet pulls can be used… There is no regulation against this.

How to select hardware style

While cabinet hardware has a functional purpose, it also helps define the design style of your house. The style of your hardware is determined by the type of cabinet doors as well as the general design style of your home.

Pulls and cabinet knobs are available in almost every design imaginable. Choose elaborate knobs and pulls if your property is traditional. Choose basic hardware with long, clean lines if your property is modern. Choose basic hardware, if your home is transitional. If your home is rustic, there are also rustic options. 

Consider the following: 


Cabinet knobs are normally circular, however, they may be found in a variety of forms. Because you will be using them frequently, choose cabinet knobs and pulls that are easy on your hands; rounder surfaces are less likely to scratch you than a sharp square edge. If you’re a perfectionist, cabinet knobs experts suggest round knobs since they spin invisibly.

Finished cabinet hardware

Keep in mind that finishes might differ greatly across cabinet knobs manufacturers. The result appears to be borderline black; nevertheless, oil-rubbed bronze can occasionally be more of a rust tint.

At home, many prefer to keep all hardware finishes consistent. However, as long as you keep the finishes in your kitchen and any adjacent rooms consistent, it is OK! Cabinet hardware, cabinet hinges, light fixtures, and sink hardware are all examples of hardware finishes. There is no such thing as a good or bad hardware finish. 


The size of hardware as a design element is more unique to pulls. The knob size has no effect on the style. The style of the cabinet knobs helps establish your style. You may vary the size of your pulls or utilise the same size of cabinet knobs throughout your kitchen or bathroom. 

Is it possible to mix cabinet hardware?

You may absolutely mix and match pulls and cabinet knobs… But some people would not advocate mixing hardware designs or finishes (colours) within the same space. Select one pull size and one cabinet knob type. The knobs and pulls you select should complement one another.



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