Australia has a hot and humid climate and at the same time, it has cool winters. Statistics say that summer prevails more in Australia. That is why several people look for Outdoor awnings. It means providing shade during the hot summer. It also protects the house from wind, rainfall and snowfall. Awnings generally come in a variety of shoes, sizes and materials. It is a sheet of material that is attached to the exterior of the home, window, porch and patio. In Australia, almost every house likes to use awnings for getting rid of the scorching sun rays.

Different Types Of Awnings:

The Outdoor awnings are of different types. It is made differently and also for different applications. 

  • The first one is stationary awnings. It is placed over doors and windows of the house or restaurants as per the requirement. You can also use it freestanding. There is no requirement to attach it to buildings or homes.
  • Another one is retractable vertical drop awnings. It is made up of flexible screen material that rolls upward a cassette box. You can easily attach the box to the outside and inside of the window. These Outdoor awnings prevent scorching sun rays and ultraviolet rays. 
  • The most common type is dropped arm awnings. The metal arms support the fabric when you are opening the awnings. This type of awning doesn’t have any legs for the support mechanism. 

Three Benefits Of Awnings 

Outdoor awnings have several types of benefits. 

  • The first thing is that it traps the heat of the sun and protects people from 98% of ultraviolet radiation. The temperature reduces and you can enjoy the climatic conditions. 
  • The awnings block the ultraviolet radiation. That is the furniture and other stuff in the room will not fade away with the sun’s rays. It will last for a longer period.
  • The retractable awning provides a reduction in energy costs for the entire year. It shades the winter for the summer. It is said that you can save approximately 25% of energy costs.

How To Choose Right Awning For The Property?

You should follow the right tips to choose the right awning for your property. 

  • First, you need to select the area that you are wishing for the awning. Think about which portion you need to cover. Is it a patio deck or your pool? 
  • After that select the quality of the awning. The higher the quality, the higher will be the price. The commercial versions of the Outdoor awnings are strong in comparison with the residential version.
  • Now examine the building and freestanding structure to look at the materials. 
  • Look at the strength of the wind and rainfall. How much can your awning handle in the building?
  • Now choose the awning length and breadth that you are looking forward to covering. You should also decide on the extension and drop requirements.
  • Look at the colour or you may also go for the tidy stripe pattern for the fabric.
  • Now, you have to choose a professional fabricator or installer for your awning. 

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