After going through some thorough research and spending a good deal of money, you finally got yourself the best custom mattress in Brisbane for daily use. Now, the real question is to take care of this mattress. Mattresses are expensive to buy and not something that you will purchase once every year. Once you have invested in a mattress, you would want that to last for a few decades without much work on its maintenance.

To keep the quality of custom mattresses in Brisbane great and at its top level, it is highly requested to maintain it well. For that, there are few simple steps to follow. So, if this is your first time caring for your new mattress, then follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Always ensure proper support:

Every new custom mattress in Brisbane will need the foundation’s proper support. It helps in resisting sagging with the passing time. You can choose from matching the box spring and the adjustable foundation in case the mattress is compatible or even the bed frame with proper slat numbers. Make sure to check the warranty details of the mattress for that. 

2) Perfect use of the liquid-resistant mattress protector:

Stains and spills will easily impact the integrity of the mattress’s fabric and the foams. You should know that severe spills might cause the foams to collapse and make them prone to impressions, leading to discomfort. 

For that, using a liquid-resistant mattress protector is indeed a necessity. It helps to keep the custom mattress Brisbane clean and healthy with time. Always try to go for the one which is made using breathable materials. 

3) Regular cleaning of your mattress:

If you know how to clean your mattress regularly, it will help in reducing the build-up of dust and allergens. The regular form of vacuuming of mattress will use handheld attachment during the regular form of cleaning cycles at home. It is one easy way to clean a mattress.

When you are planning to wash the mattress due to accidental stains or spills, be very cautious of the materials you use. Saturating the fibres and foams with water and liquid cleansers might damage the foams. So, if you need to clean the custom mattress Brisbane during that time, it is mandatory to use warm water and some mild detergent. After that, you have to give the surface area some time to dry before putting sheets on.

4) Rotate at regular interval to even out wear with time:

Even though it is not necessary, rotating your mattress will help to even out the normal wear with time. You have to rotate the top pillow mattress at once every month, or even less, based on the preferences

Make sure to go through these points and maintain the longevity of custom mattress Brisbane even more. If your mattress shows some wear or tear, don’t waste time and contact the manufacturer immediately!


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