Vinyl gloves powder free can be used in many fields such as household, commercial and educational. When it comes to household use of vinyl gloves, they are worn while cleaning or cooking. For commercial purposes, these gloves are used by workers in food or cosmetic factories. On the other hand, these gloves are also used in laboratories as they provide safety and protection from a lot of chemicals and reagents. There are two types of gloves, powder free and powdered. Both of these have different kinds of applications.

What are Powdered Vinyl Gloves?

The powdered form of these gloves is not very widely used as they cause contamination. The powder coating is made of cornstarch and is used for easy donning of gloves. However, more often than not, this powder reacts with workplace materials and causes potential hazards. They can also carry airborne particles and cause contamination or infections. Moreover, powdered cornstarch can irritate the skin and respiratory tract if inhaled. Because of all these reasons, it is somewhat unsafe to use powdered vinyl gloves.

What is Powder Free Vinyl Gloves?

After the advancement of technology, manufacturers have overcome the problems caused by powdered vinyl gloves by making them powder-free. For everyday use, vinyl gloves are a perfect solution as they are easy to wear, inexpensive, safe, protective and easy to dispose of. Powder-free vinyl gloves are free of chemical compounds that can irritate your hands. Since they are non-reactive, {:gap {:kind :userinput}} can also use them for protection against low-grade chemicals in laboratories. Here are some of the features of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves.

  • They are waterproof and easy to use.
  • They are inexpensive and disposable gloves.
  • They can be used in various industries such as food and cosmetics. They can also be used in households and laboratories.
  • They protect against many potential hazards.
  • They are wash proof and do not react to detergents.

Powder-free vinyl gloves are, however, less resistant to damage than other latex or nitrile gloves. Even so, these gloves are widely used for their other advantages as mentioned above.


Due to their resistance to detergents, low-grade chemicals, and other benefits, powder-free vinyl gloves are widely used in various services. Since these gloves do not easily react with chemicals and reagents, they can be worn and used in almost every industry. Here is a list of some of the most common uses of PVC gloves:

  • Painting of houses
  • Printing presses
  • Home care work like cleaning 
  • Veterinary practices by nurses and doctors 
  • Dentistry and other medical practices
  • Cleaning and janitorial work
  • Food industries for processing and handling
  • Assembly and manufacturing

When it comes to safeguarding yourself, vinyl gloves are the best on the market. Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, the greatest highlight of the product is its powder-free nature. If you are looking for cheap gloves that can be worn daily, PVC gloves or vinyl gloves (powder free) are the right choices!


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