To deal with summers efficiently, you must install ceiling fans at your house. You need to add it to each room of your place. Summers can be quite harsh sometimes, and as long as you get a quality ceiling fan, you should apply the solution all over your house. While there are various options in the marketplace, you should consider buying a DC Ceiling fan. If you can manage to buy the best DC ceiling fan, you will be offered several advantages by it. 


Here Are The Features Provided By A Dc Ceiling Fan: 


1. Flowing In One Direction 

DC, also referred to as Direct Current, is an electric current that flows only in one direction. In this type of motor, the direct power source connects to a transformer which converts the power to DC. Since only one direction is being used and alternating one isn’t considered, the amount of power is decreased. To rotate the motor’s rotor, the DC motor uses a system of magnets of opposing polarity. 


2. Energy-Efficient

One of the major concerns for most households is high energy bills. But when it’s summer, they can’t do much about it. They have to use AC fans or install air cons to make their place cooler in warm conditions. But if you can buy the best DC ceiling fans for your home, you don’t need to pay much on energy bills. The quality of the fans is going to be the same, it is going to cool down your room nicely. Since these fans consume up to 70% less power than AC ceiling fans, they are a quality option for your home. 


3. More Control

When you compare the best DC ceiling fans with AC ceiling fans, you will find the latter to have less control. DC ceiling fans generally have 7-speed options to ACs 3 speeds. They are constructed so that you get more freedom while using such options. You get effective control over power consumption and rotating speed. We have already talked about how you can save on energy bills. You won’t desire the fan to operate with the same speed all the time. With the best DC ceiling fans, you will get more freedom to play with the speed of the fans.

While these are some good qualities about DC ceiling fans, there are also a few downsides. While it may tone down the energy bills, its initial cost is much more than that of an AC ceiling fan. This is why AC ceiling fans are still considered the most popular option for residential areas. But since you have more control over the speed and power consumption, the cost won’t seem like a big issue over some time. The best DC ceiling fans barely create any noise. So installing this option won’t cause any trouble, at least not at night when you’re trying to sleep quietly! 





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