Have you been making plans to give your backyard a perfect added flare to increase the level of sophistication? Creating decks and pergolas in Sydney for accompanying the backyard look will always add that old look charm to your place. Such significant garden features will act as one breathable cover for any backyard or walkway space. So, whether you are making plans to provide a shelter to garden or making a statement to the fashion world, these pergolas will definitely be your spot to address.

Materials used for manufacturing pergolas:

Now, for the first-timers planning to purchase pergolas, so many materials are enough to confuse you all. There are different materials used for manufacturing this piece of art, and looking for the best one among the lot is always a good call to achieve.


The first and major part of pergola making comes from using top-notch quality wooden materials. Pergolas can easily be a part of the wall, or it can be freestanding. Wood can accommodate both these designs, and that’s why it is gaining quite some popularity among the masses. The natural look of the pergola is mostly sought after. 

  • Some might even plan to paint the same. Wood is available of multiple types like cedar, redwood, teak, or even mahogany, which the carpenters used for making pergolas.
  • Woods are noted for their natural oils, which will make them naturally resistant to fungi, termites, insects, rot, shrinking, and decay. It can prevent the wood from warping as well.
  • Experts will use wood for that extra layer of protection from any harsh weather condition, especially when exposed to moisture or dew from rain.
  • With the help of wooden decks and pergolas in Sydney, you can cut down the emergence of some issues such as chipping or cracking.


In case you are aiming for a more natural and rustic look, then metal might not fit the bill. But, if you prefer resistance overlooks, then a metal pergola seems to be your perfect choice. It is a robust material and known for its high resistance.

  • But, if you fail to take proper care, then the metal is subject to rust for sure.
  • So, be sure to get that proper action going for safeguarding metal through galvanised option and then maintaining the same with proper sealers regularly to stop rusting.


This plastic is akin to vinyl. Fiberglass is now available in some lighter beige or white shades and will make the pergolas look clean and formal. It is corrosion and rust-free and can be highly adaptable to multiple environments. Being non-porous in nature, fiberglass is quite resistant to moisture, and you can maintain its look easily with just a basic power wash! Another interesting fact is that fiberglass is stronger and can last for a longer time than vinyl or wooden options.

So, go through all the available options, check out their pros and cons, and finalise the materials you want for your pergolas and even decks. Matching materials can help maintain symmetry in your place.


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