Fire shutters in Sydney and boom gates are two of the most important security features in any building. You would find them all over Sydney. Here’s how they work, how to choose between them, and why you should use both.

Boom gates in Sydney are automated access control systems for controlling vehicular traffic flow. These gates have an arm that can be raised and lowered to block and allow vehicle entry through a controlled point. Boom gates are used at car parks, toll booths, small and large petrochemical plants, airports, railway stations, mines, other industrial facilities, commercial buildings, industrial areas and apartment complexes around Sydney. They are often equipped with flashing lights to indicate when they’re active. Typically, boom gates have a user interface that is connected to a computerized access control system that unlocks the gate only when an authorized person approaches it with an identification card.

Not only do they act as an important safety feature, but they also keep workers and vehicles safe and moving in an orderly fashion. 

boom gates sydney

There are two types of boom gates: manual and automatic. There are also swing-arm boom gates and sliding boom gates. The gate attendant operates the manual one with a lever or control panel. The automatic one has sensors for detecting vehicles and opens when it senses a vehicle coming.

Both swing-arm boom gates and sliding boom gates feature a barrier arm but the difference between them is in the way they lift to allow vehicles to pass through. The swing-arm variety opens like a pair of scissors while the sliding variety slides up or down into the ground.

However, boom gates can be a pain if you have to go through them on a regular basis. They can also slow traffic down, increasing congestion on the site.

This is why fire shutters are so useful, they do much the same job as boom gates, but without the hassle. They’re installed onto existing fire escapes or stairs inside buildings around Sydney and provide an extra layer of protection in case of a fire at night (when it’s harder to see someone coming down the fire escape). When you need to leave the building, you simply walk through the fire shutter instead of having to stop for the boom gate.

The role of fire shutters is to protect the people and contain the fire by preventing it from spreading. Fire gates are designed to stop or slow down a fire as it travels along a wall. In a fire, an automatic closing shutter can protect an area at risk.

A Fire Shutter is made up of steel panels that can be quickly closed in order to seal off an area from any damage and danger that might arise from a fire or accident. They can keep passengers from getting into areas where their safety may be compromised during emergencies.

You might wanna know that there are two types of fire shutters, industrial and residential. Industrial ones are made from durable materials and have been tested by independent laboratories to meet certain standards. They’re built for intense fires and will hold up in almost any situation. Residential versions aren’t quite as tough but tend to be more suitable for home installations.

Fire shutters are also useful for areas that don’t have any traffic at night – parking garages are a good example. 

The truth is both fire shutters and boom gates have their uses and benefits in specific areas you can choose to install them as per your requirements. 



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