When it comes to the removal portion of your house move, making sure the price you pay for your removalist quotes does not come as a surprise at the end of your moving day will help minimize the stress of what can be a long and complicated procedure.

Additional services are not included in the quotes. It is critical to discuss your requirements with your selected removal company in order to acquire an estimate that includes all of your needs and will stay the same once your move is accomplished. 

Here are the top tips for getting the most accurate removal quote possible.

Request a removals survey in the removalist quotes

A pre-move removals survey will enable your prospective removal company to estimate the volume of objects that will need to be moved. This ensures that they can provide an accurate price and the necessary equipment and team members for your moving day in the removalist quotes. It is recommended that you select three businesses you believe are the most excellent fit in terms of pricing and service standards to do a pre-move survey of your home.

The cost of your move will be determined mainly by the number of goods to be transported, so make sure that the estimator visits all parts of the property and is aware of every item that needs to be moved in order to acquire an accurate price.

Inquire about insurance

All the firms you will obtain rates through really moving are insured. It is, however, worth reviewing the terms and conditions of the removalist quotes to see what you are insured for.

Most companies will cover up to £40 per item under average removals insurance, but you may want more protection for your belongings. If you want to purchase additional insurance, most removal companies will mention whether they offer it and what proportion of the value of your possessions you may anticipate spending in their bids. Consider this when comparing quotes, as they will differ from business to company.

Consider whether you’ll require storage

Will you need storage as part of your relocation? If this is something you’ll need, see if the storage rate is included in the removalist quotes.

Most moving companies charge by the cubic foot per week for transit storage but verify each price to see whether you will be charged extra for handling the goods in the warehouse.

Don’t forget about specialized things

Moving specialty things can be more expensive since it takes longer and requires specific equipment or crating to transfer the items safely, in addition to the removal team’s specialist ability.

Fine art, antiquities, and chandeliers are examples of specialty items. This will also be classified as a specialized item if you are relocating with a piano. If you have any of these things, ensure they are shown to your removalist quotes during the pre-move survey and that they are included in your removal price.


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