Are you considering placing Vehicle tracking devices in your company’s vehicles?While some employees may object to them due to privacy concerns, there are numerous commercial benefits to using vehicle tracking devices. These advantages include:

Productivity Gains And Fewer Calls To Drivers

While it’s crucial to be able to notify drivers about changes in pickups, deliveries, and servicing visits, the frequent calls asking “Where are you now?” are both annoying and inefficient uses of the driver’s and your head office staff’s time. Consider how much time a fleet of corporate automobiles would squander!

It’s also straightforward to immediately view the closest field vehicle that could potentially make the visit if a customer calls and has an urgent pickup or service call demand. If one field driver is delayed, a nearby driver may be able to make the customer visit.

This Boosts Productivity, Boosts Profitability, And Cuts Down On Unnecessary Phone Calls To Drivers.

If one of your fleet vehicles is stolen, knowing its specific location with a GPS vehicle monitoring device allows you (or the authorities) to recapture it immediately, reducing vandalism and damage. In addition, responding quickly to a theft considerably boosts the chances of recovering the car before it is stripped down.

Insurance Costs Should Be Reduced.

Because insurance companies are aware of the advantages outlined above in terms of quick car recovery, the majority of them will provide you a reduction on your insurance cost. These savings can be substantial.

Theft / Unauthorised Use Notifications Are Sent Out Automatically.

If your vehicles are left at your workplace, yard, depot, or another frequently used parking space, you can receive immediate, automatic warning via SMS text or email if they depart. That way, you’ll know right away if one of your employees has moved the vehicle without authorization or if it’s being stolen.

Reduced Administrative Paperwork And Other Gains In Productivity

Key on and key off information is very simple using the report feature to know the distances travelled each day – effectively replacing paper-based log books – because GPS vehicle tracking systems give frequent 3-4 minute position logs.

Field Workers’ And Drivers’ Health And Safety

It’s understandable to be concerned about your field staff’s whereabouts, especially in inclement weather. Not being able to contact a specific driver after a long amount of time is another issue. By displaying their location on a map and how long their vehicle has been stationary using data from a GPS vehicle tracking device, it is at the very least easier and more promptly to respond to any potential safety issue for the driver.

Gps Car Tracking Devices Improve Customer Service.

Rather than giving clients estimates, the dispatch centre can clearly see where the driver is right now and how far away they are from the customer. This makes it very simple for the company to notify consumers of pickup, delivery, or service arrival times to the minute, if necessary.

Your consumers will be blown away by how accurate your service times are. This is a significant competitive edge that can help you beat out your competition for business.

Make The Most Of Your Company’s Vehicle Assets.

You can identify whether any cars are being over or underutilised using this reporting functionality, and make smarter business decisions about how to employ these assets. This is yet another way to improve your company’s efficiency.

You can observe the cost savings and advantages that GPS vehicle tracking devices provide for your company. Although there is a cost associated with purchasing and installing these trackers, the business benefits are undeniably significant.



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