For some way or another, there are a wide variety of businesses that use cold storage. For example, many of our service industries are fueled by products that appear to have a very short shelf life. This is generally because the substance in question is raw and over time, can rot.

Similarly, such enzymes used in drugs need to be kept chilled to keep them freezing. As a result, finding ways to keep these ingredients safe for lengthy periods of time without resorting to chemical preservatives is a key concern for a lot of industries today. Fortunately, cool room wall panels and refrigerators are one of the main ways of fulfilling the challenge.

Refrigerated cartons

The refrigerated container, cool room wall panels makers’ most common cold store solution, is available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any company. 

For a range of agricultural products, botanicals and medicinal products, these compact units are ideal, making them the best choice for any company looking to build or extend its cold storage.

Freezers and Blast chiller equipment

For industries that are searching for a fast cooling solution, blast freezers and chillers are the ideal solutions. This method of cold storage is usually used until it reaches its final destination for businesses with a need to cool and store food.

However, for restaurants, canteens and catering firms that want to cook dishes in advance without sacrificing on food quality, these units with cool room wall panels are also a common choice.

Mega Cold Warehousing and Cold Spaces

All super cold storage units of Grade A are fitted with food-grade, cool room wall panels interiors are simple to clean and come with a range of specific safety features. Every unit has a controlled temperature range of -40 ° C to + 10 ° C, meaning that it is safe and efficient to store almost all raw and cooked goods.

Cold Storage with Pharmacy Grade

Makers of cool room wall panels support hospitals and pharmaceutical firms around the country and overseas with a wide variety of pharma-grade cold storage solutions. 

Just some of the fragile goods that need sensitive temperature management and transport within the industry are medications, blood packets and chilled medicinal solutions.

Various cool room wall panels technicians have produced a special line of pharmaceutical cold storage units specially constructed for important drugs in mind, due to the importance of these objects.

Custom made specialised Cold Storage Expert

For clients with very unique demands, cool room wall panels often specialise in bespoke cold storage units. Although our cold storage collection is extremely extensive, they provide a ‘from-scratch’ package to provide you with a unit that is tailored to the needs of your company. Florists include other industries which make frequent use of cold storage. Flowers wilt and die easily if sliced, even if supplied with water.

Placing them in facilities of cool room wall panels and chilled storage helps slow down the decomposition rate at least prolonging the shelf life of the flowers by a few more days. Not only is this beneficial to improve the chances of selling flowers, but it is also a good way to keep ordered flowers on one hand for longer.


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