Funerals are not just the very last goodbye you get to give your loved ones; they are also a measure to immortalise them in your memories. It places for all your beloved friends and family to come together and share their grief along with all those cherished memories that you shared with the one you just lost. 

Choosing personalised funerals can add a personal touch to the otherwise cookie-cutter funeral services that seem impersonal and detached. These can serve to elevate the experience and make it more about celebrating the life that the deceased lived.

Reasons To Choose Personalised Funerals:

  • With these, the funeral can actually be about the deceased and not just about some religious requirement that is detached and methodical. You get to solely focus on the life and likes of your loved ones.
  • Having a personalised service doesn’t mean abandoning traditional completely but finding a balance that optimises both requirements.
  • You could opt to tell happy stories or memories that you’ve shared with them. Thus, ensuring that people leave that day only remember good things about them and not with depressed or unhappy thoughts.
  • This consecutively serves to help reduce the grief of the mourning family or friends and help them cope with things better, knowing that they could bid their loved one adieu in a good way.
  • Personalised funerals are more about feelings being able to express one feeling rather than methodical or cold steps, thus adding more meaning to the service.
  • Personalisation by adding small touches to the service in the form of pictures or music or preferences of your loved ones, thus bringing only fond memories of the deceased to that person.
  • These can help you celebrate the unique person your loved one was, including their differences and nuances.

How You Can Personalise Funerals:

  1. It’s easy to get swept up with the typical funeral functions for the sake of others of putting your feelings on the back burner or stowing them away to fester somewhere. This is unhealthy and does nothing to deal with your grief. 
  2. Instead, try taking a moment to think about the ones that you lost and about what you could do to honour their memory right. 
  3. Talk with others who knew them and talk about them and discuss what was important to them. What did they enjoy? What were they passionate about? What would they like?
  4. Discuss with your funeral director about the possibilities and limits associated with customisations, where it’s possible and where it’s not. Talk with your family as well to know their opinion on the same.
  5. Consider eulogies, musical tributes, readings, flower arrangements, planting saplings, displaying art made by the deceased, among other such considerations that they would have liked. 
  6. Although consider the appropriateness of the event you are planning depending on the location where it’s being hosted, not everything is possible at a church or cemetery. Thus you would have to choose the location accordingly.
  7. Order of service and Funeral reception can also be adapted based on the other planned arrangements. Ask for help wherever necessary.


The following was about the reasoning for planning personalised funerals and how to go about implementing it.


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