Do you intend to purchase new floorboards? There are simply too many options available, including concrete, tiles, nylon laminates, terrazzo, and carpet, so your only chance of making the best decision is to educate yourself. Additionally, as a less expensive option, you can choose to have your current floor polished in refined.

Here are some steps you can use to make your choice once you’ve decided that timber floorboards are what you prefer.

List all of your requirements. 

Make a list of all of your criteria first. For instance, most people favour peaceful, acoustic, or soundproof spaces that are warm, enduring, and kind, particularly regarding babies’ knees. After consulting with specialists, specific timber floorboards can be used to enjoy all these advantages. The Monaghan wood is well-liked for its inviting, kind, and noble appearance and for providing a cosy log cabin feel. Similar to how it is best to avoid using wood for bathroom floors because moisture damages wood, you can choose parquet style if you want a geometric pattern, bamboo for increased strength, etc.


In weighing your alternatives, take room traffic and wood durability into account. Be cautious when choosing non-marking wood; red ironbark, tallowwood, and bamboo are suitable for living rooms, high-traffic areas, or locations that are prone to scratches.

Match your floor

Select a style, colour, and pattern that go with your space’s furniture, fabrics, and other decor items. Darker hues are preferred in traditional or formal settings, while lighter hues work well in casual or contemporary settings. Red oak and maple are two common types of natural timber floorboards that go well with all types of decor. Products like particle board, composites, and cork give a room a contemporary feel.


When choosing one, make sure you are aware of the maintenance schedule. Choose a product that you can care for. Cleaning with timber floorboard cleaning products and preserving the surface from moisture and excessive wear and tear are typically the two primary components of timber floorboard maintenance. If the maintenance recommendations are not followed, the product’s guarantee or warranty may be voided.

Research all available products:

Solid wood: The cost and quality of solid wood can vary, but remember that the broader the board, the more expensive it will be. If you’re on a budget, don’t even look because scarier wood always costs more.

Laminate timber: Some exceptionally high-quality, long-lasting laminates made of wood are available. With this choice, you may affordably achieve the lovely wide board appearance.

Recycled wood: It doesn’t necessarily represent a more affordable option; depending on the age and breadth of the boards, it is frequently more expensive than new wood. Remember that modern lumber has low structural strength and longevity compared to ancient recycled timbers because it is developed quickly to meet high demand.

Cost contrast: After you’ve narrowed down your choices, compare their prices. Choose a reasonable product, that satisfies your needs, and falls within your price range. Timber floorboards can be expensive, so make an effort to stay within your spending limit.

By adhering to these golden principles, you may get glossy, spotless, and gorgeous timber floorboards for your home. It permits you to take advantage of stylish, cosy, and lovely flooring for your lifestyle.


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