You need not have a dream kitchen only when it is big in size. There are plenty of opportunities for renovation in a small kitchen as well. All you need is to unravel the types of kitchen renovations in Parramatta to give shape to your plans. You may be surprised to know that even the smallest spaces inside the kitchen that you have probably never noticed can be used in millions of ways. 

Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are several different ways to go ahead with a kitchen renovation. You can spruce up space with minor changes in fixtures or appliances or go big with major remodelling work. Read the points below to discover how small kitchens allow you to conduct renovation work with ease. 

  • Make the renovation simple :

Several homeowners need to struggle to go ahead with kitchen renovations in Parramatta, but the work’s essence is keeping the kitchen simple and practical. You cannot forget that the kitchen needs to remain functional and run smoothly. During the remodelling process, you need to pay attention to the kitchen’s functionality and focus on repairing and replacing the appliances.

  • Get rid of the upper cabinets :

The cabinets offer a practical approach to kitchen storage but they may not be the right choice for small kitchens. Typically, the cabinets at the top make the kitchen claustrophobic. Therefore, you need to create better storage space and remove the upper cabinets for good. Instead of upper cabinets, you can choose open shelves for a small kitchen to add character to the design.

  • Get rid of specific items :

The renovation of the kitchen is an opportunity to get rid of all those things you do not need. Therefore, try to make the most of the renovation work and get rid of everything you have in the kitchen. You can sell or recycle the things you no longer need to make sure that the kitchen looks wonderfully clean at the end of the renovation work.

  • Install mirrors :

When you look forward to the renovation of small kitchens that are budget-friendly, installing mirrors can serve your needs. The kitchen appears much larger and refined and gets more light with reflecting mirrors. Whether it is the kitchen cabinets or backsplashes, mirrors can work to spread light. However, you need to get rid of flaws in the kitchen as the mirror exposes the imperfections. 

  • Use lighting judiciously :

You can accomplish a lot during kitchen renovations in Parramatta if you know how to use light judiciously. As a general rule of thumb, homeowners use one focal light in the kitchen and fail to consider any other option. The truth is that you have multiple sources of light in the kitchen, so you need to have several lights instead of one focal light. Apart from this, you can leverage recessed floor and cabinet lights and pendant lighting to accentuate the small space and achieve a uniform look.

  • Keeping it open :

With the popularity of open kitchens growing drastically, there is no reason to hold back if you want to let the small kitchen breathe. Once you open the kitchen during kitchen renovations in Parramatta, you can come out of space restrictions and make the kitchen space large and cohesive.


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