Summer will be here before we know it, and temperatures around the planet are only getting hotter. As the country is already hot and humid, the upcoming summer is expected to bring even higher temperatures. As a result, you should be prepared to beat the heat this year. If you have a residential Aircon in Sutherland Shire, you should know how to maintain it and be totally prepared before summer arrives. In this article, we’ll show you how to maintain your air conditioner easily. These are the five most important but practical strategies for keeping your air conditioner in good working order before summer arrives.

Filters Should Be Cleaned.

Cleaning an air conditioner not only enhances its cooling performance but also extends its life. Air filters are an essential part of every air conditioner because they maintain the airflow free of dust and grime. They do, however, become blocked very quickly. 

As a result, they should be cleaned on a regular basis, particularly before summer begins. The best approach to clean an air filter on a residential Aircon in Sutherland Shire is to remove it and clean the dust off with warm running water.

Look for leakages.

Air conditioners should not have leaks because they primarily work by transporting heat to cool a room. If there is a leak in any portion of the residential Aircon in Sutherland Shire, it will not function as efficiently as it should, spending more energy and not cooling as effectively as it should. 

More than half of all AC breakdowns are caused by low gas pressure, which is typically caused by leaks. As a result, before summer arrives, have your air conditioner examined for leaks by a service technician.

The AC Drain Pipe Must Be Unclogged.

The drain pipe for the air conditioner, which drains moisture from the inside unit, might become clogged at times. This can lead to standing water or even a mouldy odour. 

Even if this is not the case, you should unclog the AC’s drain pipe at least once a year, preferably before the start of the summer season, to ensure that the residential Aircon in Sutherland Shire runs as efficiently as possible when it is most needed. 

The Outside Unit Must Be Clean.

The compressor, condenser coil, and fan are all found in the outside unit of the air conditioner, which is normally positioned outside the window or on the terrace. Because it’s out in the open, it’ll get dirty quickly. Although outdoor units are built to perform in any weather, cleaning them of dust and dirt improves their efficiency.

Get your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis.

However, simply cleaning the air filter is insufficient. The evaporator coil also collects a lot of dirt. It’s not as simple to clean the evaporator coil without destroying its fins, and requires specialised gear. 

If you don’t have any expertise in cleaning residential Aircon in Sutherland Shire, though, you should contact a reputable AC service provider with professional engineers who can handle it for you. If you don’t take care of your coils on a regular basis, they may corrode and leak refrigerant gas.


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