Storefronts are essential for any business. They create a professional and inviting environment that encourages customers to come into your store. However, with the rise of crime in many cities, ensuring that your storefront has adequate security without sacrificing aesthetics is important. Folding doors offer an ideal solution for this dilemma as they provide security and style for your storefront. 

What Are Folding Doors? 

Folding doors, also known as accordion or bi-folding doors, are a type of door that opens by folding back in sections on an overhead track system. These types of doors can be used to divide space within a building, providing privacy and soundproofing when desired while still allowing natural light to enter the room due to their large glass panels. In addition, folding doors often provide greater security than traditional single or double-swing door designs because they do not have handles that can be easily forced open from the outside. 

Advantages Of Installing Folding Doors For Your Storefront 

  • Versatility: One of the main advantages of folding doors in commercial environments is their versatility. They can also provide an easy way to divide up larger areas if necessary while keeping them linked together via the same doorway opening. This makes them great for creating flexible workspaces that can easily be reconfigured based on need without having to install new walls/doors each time! Furthermore, there are also various configurations available that allow you to choose whether you want your door panels overlapping each other (single-fold), stacked next to one another (double-fold) or alternating between both (bi-fold). 
  • Increased Security: The most obvious benefit of installing folding doors at your storefront is increased security against theft and vandalism. Unlike traditional single or double-swing door designs, which may require frequent repairs due to forced entry attempts, folding doors feature durable hardware designed specifically for more robust protection against break-ins and other malicious activities targeting commercial buildings such as stores.  
  • Improved Aesthetics: When installed correctly, folding doors add an attractive touch to any storefront design and serve as a great way to show off merchandise while maintaining a secure environment outside its walls. Folding doors are also easy to install and can be tailored to fit almost any entrance size.    
  • Cost Savings: Compared with other types of commercial entrance solutions like revolving or sliding glass entrances which require significant amounts of installation labour costs and ongoing maintenance fees, installing folding doors can help you save money over time since these systems are relatively easy to install and maintain compared with other options available on the market today.   


Folding doors are a great option for businesses looking to increase security without sacrificing aesthetics. They provide quality protection from burglars while allowing for an attractive storefront display. With folding doors, you can have confidence that your business and its valuable possessions remain secure. Plus, you’ll be able to show off the latest products or services easily! Don’t wait any longer – make sure your store is safe and attractive by investing in folding doors today!


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