If you’re thinking about installing brushwood fencing at your place in Narrabeen, it is bound to be a great option for your place. But its effectiveness and durability are going to depend a lot upon the particular product that you go on to choose. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before you install brushwood fencing In Narrabeen. We will take a look at a few issues that need to be addressed before you contact professional servicemen in Narrabeen for its installation: 

Bottom Support 

One of the important issues to consider regarding brushwood fencing is the bottom support. You need to ensure effective and sufficient bottom support for the material at any cost. If the bottom support is not good, the material can slide out over some time. When brushwood fencing is going to get exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, such a situation is going to be very common. So make sure that there’s proper support being provided to the fence. 

Wooden Slabs 

Another thing to be taken into account regarding brushwood fencing is the wooden slabs. If you choose a quality supplier in Narrabeen, you will be getting wooden slabs that can form about a 100mm wide base. If you’re wondering where it is going to be applied, it is going to be installed in the area where fencing and ground meet. The wider the base of the wooden slabs, the better it is for you as it will ensure a quality type of fencing at your place. So when you take the services of a supplier into account, the width of wooden slabs should be one of the major issues to be addressed. 

Properly Applying The Base 

Until and unless the base has been applied properly, you cannot expect brushwood fencing to last for a long period. You should make sure that it doesn’t come in regular contact with garden beds and soil that is damp. The moment it starts raining severely is the moment when the fence is going to get damaged in a big way as well. Preparing the ground for the cause is a must here. You should convey it to the installers or suppliers that you choose in Narrabeen. 

Width Of The Fence 

We have discussed how you should maintain a proper width for wooden slabs. But have you thought about the width of the fence? It is a very crucial part as well. Brushwood fencing is a solid material that’s going to ensure safety from all kinds of weather conditions and strong winds outside. But you have to make sure that the fence is at least 50mm wide. As long as no daylight is coming through it, the summers are not going to be as harsh. 

You have to go in with a proper plan for the installation of brushwood fencing in Narrabeen. Every supplier or installer is not going to offer quality services to you on its own. You have to make efforts on your own to force professional servicemen to act a certain way! 


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