For many folks, timber flooring is either the only option or nothing at all. Why not, then? Timber flooring is gorgeous and sturdy, increases the value of your home, and they are just so stunning! Your gleaming wooden floors are something you might conceivably gaze at for the entire day. This worries some people into believing that the gleaming wood they paid for will eventually fade and grow lifeless. Don’t let that influence your decision to install wood floors. The best material is timber. Additionally, you can enjoy lovely, polished oak floors for a very long period with regular upkeep. Here are 7 excellent suggestions for keeping timber flooring in Chatswood shining like diamonds.

Grey Timber Flooring

The more conventionally yellow hues of natural oak or pine can be updated with cool grey finishes, giving off the desired Scandinavian vibe. Grey Flooring is a very good idea because they don’t reveal as much dust as dark brown hardwood floors; grey floors are simpler to maintain clean. Darker grey stains might visually shrink the space, while lighter grey floors can make it feel spacious and airy.

The Old timber looks

With an increase in awareness and desire for sustainability and eco-conscious materials, reclaimed wood is a terrific solution that not only addresses the environment but also provides authentic beauty to the home. The design of reclaimed timber flooring works with underfloor heating, which is very popular in older homes.

Blonde Timber Flooring

To give your home a roomy, airy sense that serves as a lovely foundation for your chosen decorating style, choose blonde wood flooring. Ash and birch, which are naturally light-colored woods, perform particularly well, but a light finish on conventional oak will produce a comparable result.

Pattern Play Flooring 

We are choosing wood floors in ever-more-adventurous ways. According to Kevin Hill, sales director at Ted Todd, “Combining planks in different hues and textures is a terrific approach to create a distinctive design.” In order to create a contemporary edge that will age wonderfully, try warmer tones with light hues.

Broad Appeal 

Wide timber planks are quite popular since open-plan living is now more popular than ever. They display the beauty of the grain and knots to better effect, as well as giving the impression of depth and space.” They are perfect for heavier furniture because of their endurance.

Grey hardwood floors have become more and more popular in recent years as homeowners opt for a more fashionable and classic appearance for their houses. These flooring could be more expensive up front, but they frequently last longer and are sometimes less prone to wear and tear than other varieties of wood. So you can refer to all these ideas mentioned above, and you can go for timber flooring, which is the very best natural idea and will work great according to the market of Chatswood. You will find a huge variety of timber flooring in Chatswood.


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