Looking for a professional in Sydney to get some of the best Joinery work done? Before you begin your hunt, It is good to know a few things about this work yourself. This way, you will know the exact service and service provider you will need to accomplish your desired outcome.

What does joinery work mean?

Joinery work is developing and designing wooden furniture parts and connecting them through joints. It involves fine woodwork and accurate measurements to give shape to a product.

Types/methods of joinery work 

There are 5 common types of joinery used in building a piece of furniture.

1. Butt joints

This is the most basic method of joining two pieces of wood together. In this method, two square pieces of wood are joined at the end at a right angle either by glue or nail. 

2. Mitre butt joint

In this method, the tail of a wooden piece is cut at an angle and joined with another similar piece. You will find this method used in photo frames.

3. Dado’s joints

In this method, one piece of wood is cut into the groove and another wooden piece, with the same width as the groove, is inserted in it. This method is commonly used in building shelves.

4. Mortise and tenon joint

In this method, a square hole is created in one piece of wood and a tooth shape in the other to fit inside the hole. This method can be seen in bed frames.

5. Pocket joints

This method is used when not much strength is required. In this method, a hole is drilled in one piece of wood and a screw is inserted to attach to the other piece. 

Difference between joinery and carpentry

You might have seen people working in the wood workshop, sawing, nailing, peeling wooden pieces. You might also have called a professional to get some work done. But, Do you know, the professional creating and the professional installing the furniture are called different names.

They are from the same trade but have different specialties. The one who developed a piece of furniture, from cutting,  shaping, designing, to giving texture, is called Joiner. And the one who installed or repaired the premade piece is called a carpenter. 

Get the best joinery work in Sydney

When looking for the best joinery in Sydney consider these points:

  • Ask about their experience. Best Joinery work requires skill and attention to detail. To check their quality of service, look around their shop, most likely there will be other projects going on. You can assess their level of delivery from seeing those projects

  • Ask for their advice on your specific requirements. They will tell you the ins and outs of the project, from what timber to choose to how to make them long-lasting.

  • Choose those contractors who have both Joiners and Carpenters in their team. This enables them to complete your project to an exceptional standard from start to finish. It also stops you from having to look for two separate contractors and makes your project easier to manage.

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