Planning to make a move? When you are moving house you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring a removalist. Both the options can come with the ups and the downs and it is up to your personal preference. If you love doing stuff yourself you can go ahead and do it yourself, but doing yourself is not as easy as you think. If you don’t find time in making everything yourself or need support for you, you can hire a removals company. 

There are many removal companies in the city and before you go out and just hire a removalist, make sure you do a little bit of research and ask them a few questions.

Factors to be considered while you hire a removalist

Hiring a removalist is no easy task as there are many things that have to be concerned while choosing them. There are certain things that have to be considered when you plan to hire removalists. Given below are a few factors that you need to consider when you are hiring a removals company.

Contactability and hospitality

In case if you are using a removal company for your moving, you will not be travelling with them in their truck or van. If your home is located in a reachable distance you can use land transportation such as your own car or use the train to get there. If the destination is far then you might have to consider travelling on a plane. 

The points that you have to understand here is, you will not be there with your stuff while moving. Therefore you will have to hire a removalist company that is easy to contact and should be kind enough to answer all your questions. Before hiring them, you can better contact them and see how they answer to you.

Lifting equipment

If you are having large furniture, you have to hire a removal company that has professional moving tools like box carts, elastic straps, moving blankets and pads. It is your right to ask the removalist company about the equipment they use. Check whether they have certain tools and hire the one who provides you with good moving services.


Most of the removal companies will only have five to ten staff. If you have a lot of big items, you will have to consider the main-power as the main factor. Before you hire the moving company, tell them you need ten to twelve people for the relocation and see if they can provide. Also, make sure you visit the company’s office in person.


Hire a removals company that guarantees they are a licensed company. Make sure you work with a licensed mover as the insurance companies can accept your claims only if you work with the licensed removals company. Also, the employees working for the moving company must be protected by the worker’s compensation and public liability insurance. Make sure you check for all these and choose the right removalist for your moving.

Therefore these are a few important factors that you have to consider while hiring a removals company. Make sure you check for all the factors mentioned above and choose one for your moving.


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