The discovery of numerous viruses and bacteria in our environment has led to the adoption of safety measures. If we talk about the present situation, Coronavirus is one such microbe that has created terror worldwide. If you want to stay safe from these microbes, then you should use non-alcohol disinfectant wipes.

Focus on the safety

At present, Coronavirus is a common topic of discussion. Preventive measures are to be taken against getting infected with this deadly and highly contagious virus. Children are a major concern for everyone. They have the lowest immunity development making them susceptible to quick infection. Regular cleaning of surfaces with non-alcohol disinfectant wipes not only keeps your child safe but diseases free also. 

These wipes come in two categories. Namely:

  • wet and
  • natural

If you are hygiene conscious, then you will surely use this product. A safe and easy way of disinfecting your house is to use this product which is readily available in:

  • Medical shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Departmental stores
  • Online stores

Non-alcohol disinfectant wipes help to decontaminate the non-porous surfaces reducing the chance of deposition of any pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Skin is the most sensitive area of the human body. Since we use such wipes with our hands, special attention is given while choosing the material used in making such wipes. These wipes are made of polyester, cellulose, or other absorbing material that can arrest the germ.

Key ingredients used in such wipes 

  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E

Some of the vital features of non-alcohol disinfectant wipes are listed below.

  • Single-use disinfectant wipes are easily disposable and reduce cross-infection
  • The medical grade of these wipes can be used by patients having any respiratory problem as it is odourless
  • The superior quality of disinfectant wipes helps to clear the dirt on the surface effortlessly
  • Sanitization is of utmost priority and this wipe ensures that the place is completely germ-free
  • Public places where people gather often are prone to contamination. Usage of such wipes is a perfect way to avoid the spread of infection from surfaces like office desks, chairs, computers, electric switches, food court counters, etc.

Is it budget-friendly?

The non-alcohol disinfectant wipes are pocket-friendly for people. It comes in a packet of 100 pieces with firm and easy-to-handle packaging.

Medical-grade disinfectant wipes are mostly used in pathology labs, nursing homes, hospitals, and other health-related institutions. Even Ngo organization members prefer using these wipes who regularly visit rural and un-hygienic places.

The ultimate purpose

If you aim to keep your home and office space clean, sanitized, and infection-free. Then this wipe is the perfect product. Be it a virus, bacteria, or any other type of pathogen, non-alcohol disinfectant wipes can eliminate it very quickly. It is a multipurpose product. Its quick accessibility and acceptance have encouraged many companies to manufacture this product, especially in this pandemic situation.

This wipe is an ideal medium to control the transmission of various microorganisms spread in the environment.


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