This is where a fabric softener makes all the difference. It doesn’t just make your clothes soft and smooth or imbue them with a lingering fragrance. It also provides many other benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should start incorporating a good fabric softener into your laundry routine:

What does fabric softener do?

There are two types of fabric softeners available in the market. The first is the liquid form, which everyone is used to. They comprise surfactants, which can come from animals, plants, or minerals, relying on the company and formula. These surfactants are responsible for making the fabric feel soft.

The second type of fabric softener takes the form of dryer sheets. They work by coating fabrics with a waxy substance (in place of surfactants) to soften the fabric’s feel and texture.

  • It makes your clothes soft

The main reason to add a laundry softener is that it makes your clothes softer, smoother, and softer for longer. Fabric conditioner is tested at CIRCOT (Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology) to make your clothes twice as soft as other traditional fabric softeners. This reduces friction between the fibres and makes them feel softer on the skin.

  • It protects your clothes

Another benefit of using a fabric softener is that it protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and bobbles. The conditioner’s powerful plant-based ingredients smooth and flatten fibres during the wash cycle, making ironing easier.

  • It keeps your clothes in their shape

One of the worst things that can happen to your clothes is when they lose their shape. It’s annoying when a simple wash cycle turns your favourite t-shirt into a crop top. Laundry softeners help your clothes retain their shape and keep them looking brand new for longer.

  • No sweat and dust on your clothes

Fabric softeners are formulated to be hydrophilic. It increases the wicking properties of clothing (a property that brings all the moisture from the skin to the surface of the clothing) and it helps your clothing feel lighter and makes you feel less sweaty.

Laundry softener also keeps your clothes cleaner for longer. The hydrophilic nature reduces the formation of static charge on clothes and it prevents dust particles from settling on them.

Fresh natural fragrance

It’s a no-brainer. Most people use fabric softeners in their laundry routine to make their clothes smell better.

Fabric conditioners have a mild natural fragrance that keeps your clothes smelling fresh until the next wash. Their balanced and refreshing scent leaves its mark on every touch and makes you feel good not only in the company of others but also in your own company.

Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that using a good fabric conditioner is more than just adding fragrance and softness to your clothes, it’s adding “life” to them.

If you love the long-lasting freshness in your clothes and want them to feel soft and fluffy, then a laundry softener is going to be your perfect ally. It is made with biobased ingredients that penetrate every pore of clothing, softening them and keeping them clean for a long time. Just add it to your closing rinsing cycle and ride the marvel yourself.


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