Everyone likes to have a sliding door because of its convenience. By installing it you can enjoy simple illusions where it creates beautiful light effects and enables a brighter, cozier feel within your homes. If security sliding doors Sydney are not secured properly they can be vulnerable to break-ins. Sliding doors improves aesthetics and maximizes your space, thus for better safety and security you can install a security sliding doors Sydney. Its durability ensures that you are safe and secure.

Use reinforced glass

Aluminium frames are ideal for external sliding doors like fly screen doors Sydney, but lace your frames around double-pane toughened or tempered glass for extra protection. The double panel toughened glass is 200 times resistant than standard annealed glass. If an intruder tries to break in the toughened glass will make a sound but it won’t smash into sharp pieces. If broken these are easier to clean. If you don’t live on the ground floor, you can use a single-glazed pane of toughened glass.

Consider getting a shatterproof film installed to hold the glass in place for some time even after breaking, if you don’t want to double glaze your sliding door. This way you can increase the time taken by an intruder to enter through a broken glass door. By doing this, you can call for extra help and gain control over the situation.

Properly maintain locks and rollers

Plastic rollers help to move the security sliding doors Sydney to and fro, but if not maintained properly they can get damaged. Improper maintenance will reduce the functionality of plastic rollers and will not let the door slide smoothly. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly, if not it is hard to close. Proper cleaning is required for the door to slide smoothly and lock properly. To prevent intruders, remember that clean tracks and snugly fitted rollers are really helpful from lifting the door and bypassing the lock you have in place.

Install a locking bar

Locking bars that are commonly used for the main doors made of glass to prevent intrusion. It comprises a thick metal piece or wooden dowel. When you are stepping out, simply fit the metal or wooden bar into the track to lock it. Even if an intruder successfully picks your main lock, this will keep the door from sliding open.  Further, employing fly screen doors Sydney will also help to prevent pests inside the indoor space.

Cover the glass

Quality security sliding doors                                                           

You know that covering the glass does not take natural light away. This reduces the chances of potential intruders to look into your home where it significantly reduces the chances of breaking in. If you use a sliding door, it’s critical to keep people from seeing your home inside. Cover your sliding doors by using frosted or tinted glass panes. This solution provides you with privacy for your home without stealing the natural light.

Install a burglar alarm

Install a burglar alarm, this helps you to alert if burglars try to break your doors. The burglar alarm will give you enough warning and if the alarm sounds the intruders get away from your home.

Final thoughts

By knowing its benefits, install high-quality sliding glass doors to ensure the safety and comfort of your family members. Installing security sliding doors Sydney gives the best protection to your household. By following these tips secure your sliding doors without any hassles. 


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