Recent studies predict that one in five Australian houses will be infested with termites, and the expense of restoration or rebuilding would be a financial nightmare for many families. Unlike other framing materials, our sliding doors Castle hill steel frames are impervious to termite attack and do not need the use of hazardous chemical treatments.


By using steel in sliding doors Castle hill, which is inherently non-combustible, you may reduce the quantity of potentially flammable elements in your house, which is excellent in Australia’s bushfire-prone environment. High-security establishments, such as schools and care centers for the elderly, already employ steel frameworks. 

  • Recyclable to the nth degree:

Steel frame, which is made from recycled steel, is the most ecologically friendly and sustainable alternative. Steel-framed houses may also be constructed with minimum site effect because of their low weight. Engineered to minimize scrap, our sliding doors Castle hill steel frames are also designed for maximum efficiency in using materials.


Service holes for plumbing and electrical needs are pre-punched in a steel frame, which makes it both lightweight and precise in its engineering. It’s a breeze to use and cuts down on overall building time. Our aluminium doors Castle hill have separate glass panels in the frame that allow each door to slide and stack to the side you desire.

  • Brings charm to your home:

Doors without frames slide down a narrow, hardly perceptible track. To ensure smooth and efficient functioning, the frame may be sunk into the floor. Regardless of the size or weight of the panel of sliding doors Castle hill, Teflon offers a friction-free slide. Because it is bottom-weighted rather than top-hung, our system is ideal for both restorations and brand-new construction. Sliding doors with no frames are a great way to bring character and charm to any room.

Panel size:

It’s important to note that our system is completely customizable. Glass thickness and tint, panel size, and color, as well as a locking mechanism and opening orientation, may all be customized. Aluminium doors at Castle hill are waterproof and lockable. Compression of the weather-proof strip is required to make a mechanical lock wind and water-resistant.


  • Having the option of two, three, or four-door configurations means that the cabinet will work with a wide range of interior design schemes. 
  • Single nylon rollers on extruded aluminium rails allow for easy adjustment of the sliding doors of Castle hill
  • The door stile and mullion have interlocked installed to keep out the wind, rain, and dust. 
  • When closed, they provide a strong barrier against intruders. 
  • For enhanced security, all of the glass panes feature a visible strip.

Thermal transmission:

Maximum height and breadth per panel are 2600mm and 1500mm, respectively, for the semi-commercial aluminium doors Castle hill. Thermal transmission may be reduced using single or double-glazed units. These doors come with integrated insect screening. A single panel of a full-sized commercial sliding door may be as tall as 3000mm and as wide as 1800mm. Thermal transmission may be reduced by using both single- and double-glazed units. 



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