The name bifold describes a door that slides open from the centre and pleats against the wall. These doors are easy to open and are space-saving options for small bedrooms and walk-in closets commonly found in the houses of Sydney and Strathfield. The bifold doors in Sydney can be installed in the hallways and pantries. Such bifold doors come in various varieties. You can experiment with styling to suit your interiors. 

Houses in Sydney and Strathfield often include bifold doors in their interior. To install bifold doors in your interiors, first, you need to check the size of the space. Measure the size where you need to fit bifold doors. The markets in Strathfield and Sydney will offer you different options provided you have the correct size measured. 

Whether you’re getting new bifold doors or replacing the old ones, getting helpers can be a little hefty in your pocket. You will be required to pay labour charges, and that can add to your budget. 

Instead of paying for labour costs in cities like Sydney and Strathfield, you can be a fixer-upper and do the installation of bifold doors. We’re here to help you. Here’s your step-by-step guide for bifold installation. 

  • Gather Equipment 

Any task requires the right tools to be completed. Before you start with the installation of bifold doors, make sure to have the right equipment. It will help you to get the work done effectively. Most bifold doors come with pins, brackets, tracks and screws. You need to check the other required inventories from your standard tool. 

  • Prepare Track 

Installation of bifold doors starts with preparing tracks. Before mounting the trail, make sure to assemble the way. Connect the top and bottom pivots, then screw them. A multi-bit screwdriver will be helpful for this task. Make sure to mark up the centre on the top jam before you start fixing the track. 

  • Mount The Hardware

Bifold doors need to be installed upright. Attack the track to the header. Make sure it is fixed at the centre. Connect the upper pivot with the pivotal side of the opening. Make sure the door opens in the right direction. Crew the bracket to the corner of the frame. Ensure it stays firmly. Then, lay each door panel flat on the ground and push them together. Attach the hinges and make sure the door swings in the correct direction. Be calm and have patience. 

  • Install Bifold Door 

You will need partner help for this step. One of you should hold the panes upright while the other aligns it with upper pivots. Lock the door and check the height. If changes are required, make sure to use hinges to get the appropriate size. Attach the lower pivot to the bottom jam to position the bottom pivot into the lower jamb bracket. This will secure the door in the place. 

  • Something To Keep In Mind 

The proper measurements will help you. Ensure you have the right tools and ask for a partner to help you. Ensure your safety during the installation of bifold doors. Cities like Sydney and Strathfield will offer you plenty of options for materials. Be wise during the purchase and make sure you’re not going overboard with spending.


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