Painting on your own can be needlessly tedious and time-consuming;. At the same time, DIY sounds trendy and cool online, it’s simply messy offline. This is why employing the help of professional painters Randwick has to offer is the ideal option for deriving a paint job with a quality finish. However, there are a few preparatory tasks that you start on before the painters arrive to make their job easier, faster and smoother. Preparation is paramount to pave the way for a hassle-free and straightforward job accomplishment. 

Given below are a few steps that can help you get started on the prep that precedes the arrival of the professional painters in Randwick you’ve chosen to spruce up your homes. That is: 

  1. Move And Cover Furniture: This includes everything from your core furniture, i.e. sofas, beds, cupboards, dining tables, to more minor elements like coffee tables, light stands, etc. Unless it is too impractical to move, you need to shift these to a storage unit or a not-to-be-used room. If moving some of the larger furnishings would be increasingly troublesome, you could cover these with an old sheet or cloth instead. This is an optimal measure to protect them from paint dripping or dust collection that would spoil them before their time.  
  2. Remove Appliances And Electronics: The same reasoning must be applied to your electronics and appliances, i.e., move them or cover them. Most of these appliances, like refrigerators, television, oven, etc., tend to be expensive investments that you don’t want getting damaged in the coss-fire of a painting job. While covering these with an impermeable sheet is good enough, it would be best to move them to a safer location for guaranteed security.
  3. Remove Decor Ornamentals and Wall Hangings: Since we are talking about an indoor painting job here, wall hangings and ornamental decors that adorn the walls of one’s home have to come off for the time being. This ensures that there are no obstructions for the painters to carry on with their job seamlessly without timely interruptions. Their removal is also positive to avoid the decorative pieces from sporting paint splatters all over them. Forgetting to do so can change the look of your antiques in no time and have them losing all their value. An ideal solution would be to cover these in bubble wrap or an equivalent padding and move them to a safe location until the path is clear of paint bombs. 
  4. Protect Soft Furnishings: This includes mats, rugs, curtains, carpets, blinds, drapes, etc. You can cover the floors with a plastic sheet, where the other removable aspect needs to be stored away for their protection. The same goes for any knick-knacks that you might have on displays, including toys, picture frames, souvenirs, decorative items, etc. 
  5. Prepping and Cleaning Walls: While you might think that this is an unnecessary task when the walls are about to be supplied with a fresh coat of paint, this is not necessarily true. Painting over dirty walls that have developed sheens of dust and stains can do more harm than good; such buildup can become even more prominent after being laid with a new layer of paint. Therefore, supplying the walls with good scrubbing and cleaning is definitely not in vain. 

The pointers mentioned above elude the preparatory checklist that homeowners must pay heed to before the professional painters from Randwick arrive to revamp your homes with vibrant colours of your choice to give it the makeover it deserves.


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