One of the most crucial tips for getting a move is to start early. The sooner you get organized, the better your chances of a smooth transition. If you have any further questions about preparing for your move, please contact the removalist in the Cronulla services team.

  • Get ready and organized

The first thing you need to do is prepare for your move. As you organize your belongings, you often find items that you no longer need, that take up space, or that you don’t want to carry around with you. Before the removalist in Cronulla makes an inventory of all the items to be moved to the new destination, it is crucial to go through and sort all those items so that only the items you left at home are moved.

  • Quality Packaging

Once you have a complete inventory of all items to be shipped, the next step is to obtain quality packaging and fill them. By checking your inventory, you can accurately determine the amount of packaging material you need, as well as the size and type of boxes. If you already have boxes or received them as a gift from a friend, make sure they are of high quality, sturdy and reliable.

  • Pack early, pack smart

Now that you have your entire inventory in stock, quality packaging materials, and a plan for your packing process, it’s time to pack. Removalist in Cronulla strongly recommends that you start packing as early as possible, even if it’s just a little bit each day. The most crucial thing to consider when packing is the weight of each box and the space to move the items.

  • Label Everything

When packing, make sure that all cartons, bags, or containers that you use are clearly labeled. Labeling your items provides many useful benefits. Easily navigate your stuff when you need to search for something you’ve already packed. Tags help movers place items when unloading them from moving trucks.

  • Empty the Refrigerator

Experts recommend that you empty the refrigerator and freezer a day or so before the removalist in Cronulla arrives. During the week before the move, he uses up all the food in his fridge, emptying or discarding the rest into the Eskies before turning off the fridge and freezer.

  • Pack a bag of essentials

Before the movers arrive, it’s important to have all the essentials on hand in a bag. This bag should have everything you need for your first night in your new home. All essential medications, toiletries, appliances, chargers, linens, towels, and a change of clothes should be in the essentials bag.

  • Children and Pets Out

Regarding moving day, and the arrival of a removalist in Cronulla, it is strongly recommended that children and pets be kept out of the house during the move. With all the moving objects and the hustle and bustle, having children around can be dangerous, and pets can get in the way, slowing you down and costing you money in the process.



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