With winter coming soon, you will surely like to revamp your outdoors to make it more enjoyable for you and your guests. Be it a kitty party or a brunch, the outdoors are always appropriate for a small get-together.

You should decorate your patio furniture and cushions beforehand to add that surprise element to its appearance.

First, you should check your outdoor cushions and accordingly make way for new outdoor cushion fabric. It will not only add glamour but also increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor.

Three trendy and affordable fabrics:-

When it comes to choosing the fabric for your cushions, you might get puzzled. But don’t worry. Here are a few names of textiles that are perfect for your outdoor cushions.

  • Polyester:

The best feature of this fabric is that it is wrinkle-free, stretch free, and abrasion-less. Moreover being a light outdoor cushion fabric, it gets easily dried after washing.  

You can easily clean this material with mild detergent. This fabric is resistant to harsh UV rays and also to mild dews. Thereby you can retain the colour and look of the material despite being subject to the outside heat.

But there is one problem with this fabric. It will lose its strength after a long time of exposure to sun rays and moisture. Still, you can choose this material as it comes in a wide colour range and various patterns that will add freshness to your outdoor.

  • Acrylic:

Pure acrylics are just perfect for outdoor cushion fabric. You can use it without any tension as it is waterproof, breathable, colour resistant, and durable.

It is appropriate for you to try this fabric for your sofa covers, dining table cover, and also easy chair cover.

  • Nylon:

This material is more versatile and is preferred for upholstery applications. The soft texture and easy-to-wash feature make it more user-friendly.

Moreover, to some extent, it is also resistant to mildews. But it is better to use this outdoor cushion fabric in the shady areas of your veranda or balcony, as it is not UV resistant.

The longevity of this material is comparatively less than polyester despite being a multipurpose and flexible fabric.

Other textiles that are available:

There are other options in fabric as well. Like:

  • The duck canvas:

This canvas is a tightly knitted cloth that is sturdy and can withstand harsh weather, making it perfect for your outdoor cushion fabric. You can opt for this material if you don’t want to experiment with this fabric with paints or prints, as it is not so flexible.

  • Cotton canvas:

Previously for outdoor canvas, hemp was mostly preferred. But nowadays cotton is used instead of hemp. This fabric is also suitable for outdoor cushion fabric because of its strength. 

Moreover, this fabric being very cheap can be your choice as well.It is available in various designs and patterns like stripes that will bring a vibrant look to your outdoor.Complete knowledge of all the materials can help you select the correct outdoor cushion fabric.


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