Do you have a pet that likes to wander off? Are you worried about what might happen if it gets lost? If so, a pet GPS tracker might be the perfect solution for you. These devices attach to your pet’s collar and track their movements throughout the day and night. Not only is this a valuable safeguard for your pet, but it can also help you to stay organised and keep track of where they are at all times. In this article, we highlight the best advice to keep in mind when purchasing a pet GPS tracker. Let’s take a look!


  • Purpose and Cost


Before you purchase a pet GPS tracker, it is important to first understand its purpose. Some trackers are designed for stationary pets only, while others can be used with both stationary and moving pets. Additionally, the price range of pet trackers in Australia varies widely. Some are very affordable, while others can be expensive. Keep in mind that the more features are included in a tracker, the more expensive it will be.


  • Compatibility


Another factor to consider before purchasing a pet GPS tracker is compatibility. Make sure that your device has a robust Wi-Fi connection so that it can connect to the tracker and receive tracking data. Additionally, make sure that your pet’s collar is compatible with the device. Many trackers require a magnetic clip or a strap to attach directly to your pet’s collar.


  • Data Storage and Use


When you first install a pet tracker in Australia, it will likely send tracking data in real-time. However, once the battery dies or you lose signal transmission from your device, this data may no longer be accessible. It is important to plan ahead and store tracked information for later use if needed.


  • Battery Life


Many pet GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee in order to maintain data storage and access. Additionally, battery life is often an issue with these devices. While some trackers last for weeks on a single charge, others may only last for a few hours before needing to be recharged.


  • Ease of Use


When using a pet tracker in Australia, it is important that the device is easy to use and navigate. Make sure that all features are easily accessible and user-friendly, including menus and buttons. In addition, make sure that the tracking information is clear and concise so you can easily pinpoint your pet’s location.


  • Water Resistance


While most pet GPS trackers are waterproof, some models may not be resistant to water droplets. If your pet spends a lot of time in wet areas, it is important to research the features and specs of each tracker before making a purchase.


  • Accuracy


While pet trackers in Australia are generally accurate, there may be times when the device can overestimate or underestimate your pet’s location. It is important to check the accuracy of tracking data regularly in order to ensure that you are receiving accurate information.


Overall, it is important to research each device thoroughly before making a purchase so that you can ensure that the tracking information is accurate and useful.


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