Staircases are brilliant additions to your place, especially if you have a two-storey house. It is true that you need a well-structured and designer staircase, which can help you to move from one portion of the house to the rest. But, when you think about it, you will come across multiple designs of staircases. Which one should you choose? If making a decision seems difficult, then catch up with staircase builders in Sydney right away. Let the experts take the first step and offer you the solutions you need.

  • For the basic straight staircase:

It is one literally straightforward example that most staircase builders in Sydney will recommend, especially if you have small space to cover. These straight stairs are subject to feature a single linear flight without any change in the direction. It will give rise to that classic and old school look, which will work magically for the traditional homes these days.

  • L-shaped staircase:

Much like an L-shaped kitchen, you can give an L-shaped staircase a try. Also known as quarter-turn by most of the staircase builders in Sydney, it is one classic straight style and then changed a little bit. In such a design, the stairs will make a 90 degrees turn at one point, which will go either left or right after one landing. If you have kids or elderly people at home, this staircase style is for you.

  • Winder staircase design:

It is one complicated version of the basic L-shaped staircase. Here, a set of winders, also known as treads that are wider on one side than another, will take the place of the landing. The main goal over here is to save some space. Yes, this kind of staircase should have proper handrails if you don’t want to end up in an accident. If you can’t make the right choice with materials and designs, then catching up with staircase builders in Sydney will be the right help to consider.

  • U-shaped staircase:

Also known as a half-turn staircase, this U-shaped option is for those who have promised to take the stairs daily to the office! It will be one back to the basic style that is gaining quite some popularity among the masses right now.

This bend will easily be taken quite further for forming that complete U shape. It is a tad bit similar to the L-shaped staircase, but the landing will separate two parallel flights, which is something new and classic to this design only.

  • The classic spiral style:

This form of the staircase will have a compact design, which is primarily centred just on a single pole. So, when you look at this style from above, it will form that perfect circle. But, before you jump straight into the spiral staircase, the staircase builders in Sydney will let you know that these staircases have narrow wedge-shaped treads. These are not quite easy to traverse. So, keep this point in mind before making a final choice.

Get along with these points now, and you will be amazed at the valuable staircase designs available to give out a try!



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